elevate your curb appeal

driveway art® is an extension of #thesavageway’s commercial Clean Graffiti service. We’ve partnered with a local architectural designer, Robin Tonelli, to bring new designs & creative options right to your driveway.

Our experienced team of artists will create your intricate driveway art® using high-pressure water and naturally dirty concrete.

Each project is custom quoted and includes a Designer consultation, digital layout of artwork to scale and hand-done artwork application.

If you can answer YES to the following questions, then driveway art® is right for you:

  • Is your driveway concrete?
  • Does your surface have months or years of accumulated dirt?
  • Do you want to express your artistic side in a fun way?

driveway art®

  • showcase your creative side
  • elevate your curb appeal
  • celebrate an event in an unexpected way


Please contact:
Robin Tonelli, Driveway Artist
T: (980) 875-0081