Amber Miller joins #thesavageway as Project Manager

2019 came in strong for us over here at #thesavageway. We started the year with ALL of the changes and growth. We moved into a new office on the West side of town (more on that soon) AND we hired our first employee!

We are thrilled to welcome Amber Miller to the team. She is our new Project Manager. It still feels surreal that we have the support of this incredible human and we often catch ourselves doing a happy dance. Amber will be taking over project management in regard to all of our Clean Graffiti, Moss Art and Creative Marketing jobs.

Amber has been in the same circles as us for a few years now, and we have always noticed her work ethic, passion and joy for life. So, when we were finally at a place to hire an employee, Amber immediately came to mind.

In fact, let’s share a fun story. Amber reached out to Torrie for some advice about a job opening at another company. She wanted an honest opinion if she was the right person for the job. Torrie sat there and listed out all of the reasons why she would be the best addition to any team. And that even if she didn’t know something, she would be willing and able to learn it. Then suddenly a lightbulb went off. We need Amber. It was as if the Universe was interjecting to say – hey, wake up… this gal is right in front of you. Torrie immediately left me a voicemail and said I think we to need hire Amber. And I knew she was right.

Smiling, beautiful brunette woman poses for a photo on a chair in her pink shoes.

Meet Amber Miller, Project Manager for #thesavageway.


Amber is one of those rare native Charlotteans. Seriously, listening to her and her Dad talk is like a trip back in time. They know a Charlotte that we never will. It’s so cool to get to see our beloved city through their stories. You can follow her on Instagram @amberjenelle.

Q: Why did you want to join #thesavageway?
A: I want to work for and with RAD ASS people…that’s what #thesavageway is to me.

Q: What are you most excited about this year?
A: This year, I’m most excited to be a part of #thesavageway team. It may sound corny but it’s true. I’m excited to meet new faces, see new places and grow in this journey of abundance.

Q: Favorite things to do in Charlotte?
A: My favorite things to do in Charlotte include CHAKTI Yoga with Lauren of Essential Thrive (duh!), Carolina Panthers games, dinner at the many wonderful restaurants here in town. I mostly enjoy time spent with my family and friends. I am blessed to have them close by, right here in Charlotte.
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Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: I enjoy traveling and look forward to my next destination, near or far! I also enjoy practicing and teaching yoga. Namaste.

Q: Tell us little of your background (where you grew up, siblings, fav Charlotte thing from the past, etc)
A: I’m a Charlotte native! Third generation at that. I have an older sister, Tesa and it’s just the two of us. The summer after Hurricane Hugo my parents moved us to the Northside where it took six months for the local phone company to determine if we were Huntersville or Charlotte. Charlotte it is! My mother’s mother moved in with us. It was a house full! My father is a Saint. I was blessed to know my great grandmother who lived to see 100. I’ll be around for a while! I also consider myself lucky to call my oldest friend my best friend of 25+ years. I value my friends both old and new just as much as my family. I have the utmost love and gratitude for how they have and continue to carry and support me through life.

Family of four enjoying some time outdoors in Charlotte, NC

Meet the Miller Family. Amber (left) with her Mom, sister and Dad.


It’s already been a month of having Amber on board and we’re definitely feeling the effects of having her on the team. We’re taking on more and more clients, creating internal systems, and poising ourselves for epic growth in 2019.

So to all of our clients, friends and family, we can’t wait to introduce you to this gem of a human. We are better because of her presence and we are grateful everyday that Amber decided to take #thesavageway.

three business owners on lease signing day at #thesavageway office.

#thesavageway with new team member, Amber Miller, on lease signing day. Stay tuned for an update on our new office.