Do Something Different

The Savage Way offers two things? Yeah, we do. We offer Clean Graffiti and Moss Art. Different in industries, alike in their innovative approach. At The Savage Way, we thrive on creating something out of nothing and turning heads while we do it. Mother Nature is the common denominator. Click through to learn more about our eco-friendly outdoor advertising and Preserved Moss Art.

About The Savage Way

We are The Savage Way. A woman-owned company focusing on two out-of-the-box creative offerings. These offerings include an advertising medium called Clean Graffiti, and an interior biophilic design product called Moss Art. We push the creative line. We offer a new perspective. We Seek the Good. 

The Savage Way began as a Marketing Consultant agency in 2012. Founders, Torrie Savage and Paula Bartlett, quickly realized they had bigger ideas to help their clients. So they shifted everything to only offering two things – Clean Graffiti and Moss Art. These two things might seem random, but they are both rooted in advertising, arts and mother nature. We are proud to be leaders in both the eco-friendly outdoor advertising space and preserved plant industry.  

The Savage Way now has a team of Moss Artists, Designers, and Clean Graffiti Experts operating from our HQ in Charlotte, NC. While we are based in the Queen City, we work and operate all over the United States. 

But what REALLY is The Savage Way? It’s a way of life. It’s a way of looking at the world differently. We just happened to choose sidewalks and moss as our avenues. Taking “The Savage Way” means you are ready to take the leap, to try something new and different. It’s choosing to seek the good in every situation. Choosing to be a better, kinder human. It’s knowing that there is more to this life than the tales we’ve been told and that betting on yourself is always worth it. So for us, The Savage Way means so much more than just Clean Graffiti and Moss Art – it’s how we live our lives. 

Ready to take The Savage Way? We’re ready when you are.

Moss Art
Clean Graffiti Cacti
Moss Art Frida Kahlo
Moss Art Charlotte Agenda
Clean Graffiti Watch For Cars
Moss Art
Clean Graffiti The Vue
Moss Art Grow
Clean Graffiti Heal