Clean Graffiti

clean message. dirty sidewalk.


Cost effective, eco-friendly outdoor advertising

Using advanced stencil technology and high-pressure water, we strategically clean a message onto a dirty sidewalk

Trusted by The Rolling Stones, NFL’s Carolina Panthers, Coca Cola, and more


Why Clean Graffiti?

Clean Graffiti is the innovative advertising campaign that you’ve been searching for. Using a specialized stencil and high-pressure water, we strategically clean a message onto a dirty sidewalk.

Also known as “Reverse Graffiti,” Clean Graffiti is ideal for clients who are looking for innovative brand awareness, spreading the word of an event-driven initiative, or looking to increase their Corporate Social Responsibility. Clean Graffiti is the perfect addition to your traditional media buy because we are able to directly target your customer with an untapped resource – the sidewalk. And best of all, it’s just water – no paint, no chemicals, just water.

Our experienced team is ready to travel anywhere in the United States to bring your campaign to life.

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Why The Savage Way?

The Savage Way brings an experienced marketing background to every job, assuring that each Clean Graffiti spot has the best placement for the campaign initiative. We’ve completed jobs in over 70 cities with 100+ clients. We help bring your marketing campaign full circle by targeting your demo where they walk everyday – the sidewalk.


How We Brought Clean Graffiti To Life

How We Brought Clean Graffiti To Life

Hello! This is Paula Bartlett, one of the owners of The Savage Way.  I write these blogs but today wanted to share the story of how we brought Clean Graffiti to life from my perspective. Enjoy. We get asked daily, "What exactly is Clean Graffiti?" Ten years in and...

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Creative Uses of Clean Graffiti

Creative Uses of Clean Graffiti

We love all of the creative uses of Clean Graffiti that we can offer our clients. From general brand awareness campaigns to feel-good inspirational messages on the sidewalk, the possibilities are vast with this medium. We wanted to showcase a few of our favorite...

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RAIN CLT Uses Clean Graffiti for 2023 AIDS Walk

RAIN CLT Uses Clean Graffiti for 2023 AIDS Walk

Our friends at RAIN CLT utilized Clean Graffiti to help bring awareness to the upcoming AIDS Walk Charlotte event happening Saturday, May 6, 2023. We love to see organizations and companies use Clean Graffiti to help get a public health message out to the community....

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Let’s Talk


    What is Clean Graffiti?

    We make a contrast on the sidewalk by using high pressure water on top of a stencil. We leave behind a clean message on a dirty sidewalk using just water. Seriously it’s just water – no paint, no acid, no bleach, no epoxy…. just making a contrast in dirt.

    Where can you put a Clean Graffiti spot?

    We operate in the public right of way. That means public sidewalks (not private property). Our team is highly trained through working in over 70 cities and know where to go.

    Who is Clean Graffiti perfect for?

    Perfect for brand awareness campaigns, events, venues, apartment complexes, healthcare, restaurants, or a call to action (in a creative way). Clean Graffiti is ideal for Marketing Agencies who are looking for the next best medium for their clients. We’ve worked with Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Sales Representatives and Company Owners to bring campaigns to life on a local and national level. Simply fill out our contact form to start the conversation.

    How long do spots last?

    Spots can last one month to eight months – were working with Mother Nature so there are a lot of variables at play. Trees, mold, pollen, exhaust, etc. the dirtier the better! Eventually spots will fade away naturally but a removal of the campaign can be added if the campaign is time sensitive (additional fees may apply). This is also an eco-friendly process and we’d just be pressure washing the sidewalk further.

    What is a typical buy?

    Our packages include one stencil, creative design of the stencil (if needed), location scouting, mapping, execution and full summary with photos.

    Can you do Clean Graffiti in any city?

    We operate all over the USA. We have a trained team of professionals ready to bring this eco-friendly form of outdoor advertising to your city.

    How does a Clean Graffiti campaign come to life?

    Consultation Call (learn how Clean Graffiti can support your campaign goals)
    Estimate Process (2-3 days depending on campaign details)
    Signed Contract (50% deposit due upon signing, average turnaround time is 4-6 weeks)
    Project Call (dial in on stencil creative & location specifics)
    Fabrication & Production (stencil magic in process)
    Execution (recap provided)

    How do you make your stencils?

    Our stencils are one-of-a-kind. Don’t worry about jeopardizing your brand or message with all those connector lines. We have a way of making our stencils that translates flawlessly onto the sidewalk.

    Do I own my stencil after a campaign?

    All stencils are property of The Savage Way but can be reused for future use if client rebooks a campaign.

    Best use of Clean Graffiti?

    We find that Clean Graffiti is best used in addition to your overall marketing strategy. As a cost effective alternative to out-of-home advertising, Clean Graffiti allows you to bring attention to your brand in a place that you’ve never been before – the sidewalk. It’s unexpected, innovative and has longevity. From brand awareness to fun, way-finding opportunities – let’s talk about how we can help!