Moss Art

real plants. no maintenance.

Custom Moss Art

From logos and sound-absorbing partition walls to everything in-between, we are ready to bring your vision to life.


More About Moss

Moss Art. It’s Mossome. Our work uses elements of biophilic design to help reconnect spaces with nature. We make custom artwork specializing in corporate signage, green walls, acoustic panels, pop art and more – all made from preserved moss & plants.

Moss Art is a durable, affordable (in comparison to other types of living green walls), maintenance-free and responsibly sourced product.

All work is custom. We work side-by-side with architects, interior designers, general contractors and millworkers to bring detailed drawings to reality.


Moss Art Shop Has Perfect Decor for Your Home

Moss Art Shop Has Perfect Decor for Your Home

While The Savage Way is primarily focused on our service lines of Clean Graffiti and Moss Art, we also decided a while ago to have some creative fun and open a Moss Art Shop. We wanted to find a way to get some of the creative ideas out of our head and also offer some...

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    Is the Moss Real?

    Our moss is real, just preserved so that means that there is no maintenance required. You get all of the beautiful natural elements of the plant without the need for a power source, natural light, drainage or ongoing maintenance.

    Do you help with Design?

    Yes! Our team of Moss Artists are based in Charlotte, NC and bring so much creativity to the design process. We can create anything you can imagine using our methods; logos, moss panels, entire wall pieces, artistic motifs in a conference room, etc. Anything is possible. We can also fully execute a design project if you have a designer.

    Who is Moss Art Perfect For?

    Moss Art is perfect for a variety of clients. We have seen big success with clients like the following: Interior Designers (both corporate & residential), Architecture Firms, General Contractors, Apartment Complexes, Sign Shops, Event Planners, Restaurants & Coffee Shops, Co-working Spaces, Law Firms, Yoga Studios and more.

    If you are an interior designer, architect, developer or business owner and you are looking for specific details and pricing for a project, please fill out our contact form for the quickest assistance.

    How does a Project Come to Life?
    • Consultation Call (let’s talk moss)
    • Estimate Process (1-3 business days depending on complexity of request)
    • Signed Contract (50% deposit due upon signing, 4-10 weeks turnaround time depending on complexity.)
    • Fabrication & Production (moss magic in process)
    • Installation or Shipping (options for install in the greater Charlotte market, nationwide shipping)
    What type of Moss do you use?

    We use a variety of moss and preserved plants to create our art. Our wide variety of greenery includes Preserved Reindeer Moss (30+ colors available), Pole Moss, Mood Moss, Sheet Moss, Preserved Flowers, Preserved Foliage and more.

    Can you put Moss Art outdoors?

    Moss Art is only an indoor product. The art will not be able to handle the fluctuation in the weather.

    What are the benefits of Moss Art?

    Although preserved moss does not breathe like living moss, it still has many of the benefits of a living plant wall, but without any of the maintenance. It looks and feels like a living moss wall and still has the calming, energy-boosting, and productivity enhancing effect that those plants have. Moss also helps to reduce noise and add a natural design element to a space without adding clutter.

    What is the Installation Process?

    Each piece is slightly different, however most of our work requires using a template and studs for easy installation. If we are shipping your piece, we will provide detailed instructions.

    What is the lifespan of the Moss Art?

    Like any other type of art, as long as you keep your Moss Art inside and out of direct sunlight, it should be everlasting.

    Can I put the Moss Art in sunlight?

    No. All of the moss is preserved and naturally dyed to keep the bright color. As such, all art should not be placed in direct or heavy indirect sunlight as the UV rays from the sun could fade the naturally preserved product over time. If you need some extra lighting, use artificial light to bring out the textures & design.

    Looking for an estimate?

    Send us an email through the Contact Form and we will be happy to talk through your vision.

    Can you ship anywhere in the US?

    Yes! We have shipped work all over the US and cost just depends on the specifications of the project.

    How do I maintain the Moss Art?

    That is the beauty of our product. Moss Art requires no maintenance. Please do not water, spray or spritz the preserved plants with anything as this could damage the art. In the rare occurrence that dust should accumulate, the best thing to do is to use a Tact Cloth and very gently pat the cloth on the moss to capture the dust particles. You can also lightly use a compressed air duster. If Client has any concerns, please contact us.