Reverse Graffiti for the Panthers

Carolina Panthers launch “Wofford is Coming” training camp campaign in Charlotte, Raleigh & Columbia.

The Carolina Panthers are known for their creative marketing efforts. Catch their latest Twitter stunt using the Fresh Prince theme song here. Living in Charlotte, NC, home of the Panthers, we know how much love the Carolinas have for this football team. So when we got a call to help with a top-secret campaign for training camp, we knew we were in for something fun.

“Wofford is Coming” is a play on both the Panthers Training camp at Wofford College and the upcoming Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday. The Panthers PR and social media team sure know how to start some buzz; t-shirts, stickers and other swag were sent to players, fans and the media and they even created a Clean Graffiti campaign across multiple markets.

Marketing for the Carolina Panthers

Twitter photo from @BleacherReport about the Panthers Marketing efforts. #thesavageway

Panthers Training Camp swag

“Wofford is Coming” swag sent to a Panthers fan. (photo via Twitter @crdarn26)

#thesavageway was brought in to execute our eco-friendly, temporary Clean Graffiti in three markets, Charlotte and Raleigh, NC and Columbia, SC. These spots were placed in high-traffic areas in each of these cities. And for those wondering, it is created using water (how awesome is that?!).

It’s been fun to watch the public get excited about Panthers training camp and the upcoming season. Taking to Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to express their excitement by tagging @Panthers and using #WoffordIsComing.

Clean Graffiti Panthers Marketing

Clean Graffiti by #thesavageway found in Columbia, SC for the Carolina Panthers. (photo via Twitter @mcstephens12)

Carolina Panthers Reverse Graffiti Raleigh

More Reverse Graffiti for the Panthers found in Raleigh, NC. (photo via Twitter @heylookitskev)

Clean Graffiti in Plaza Midwood for Panthers

Even dogs are excited for Panthers training camp: Wofford is Coming. #thesavageway (photo via @SummerJadyn)

We love when large corporations and organizations reach out to utilize us as part of their media buy. Natural Media is a great alternative to create subtle, unexpected buzz around a campaign. The Panthers already do such a great job of fun outreach and thinking outside the usual media box, and now they can add Clean Graffiti to their tactic list!

Get excited for the upcoming NFL football season… Wofford is Coming.