Clean Graffiti NoDa Yoga

Clean Graffiti for NoDa Yoga in Charlotte, NC. #thesavageway

NoDa Yoga is one of those spaces that immediately brings you a sense of peace and calmness. Not only is it a yoga studio based in the historic arts district of NoDa in Charlotte, NC, but it is a safe and beautiful place to get lost in yourself and your yoga practice.

When NoDa Yoga approached us about doing some Clean Graffiti, we knew that we needed to get out a message that truly represented this studio. We attended some classes and soon realized that the quote that lives over their front desk would make the perfect Clean Graffiti message. “Get out of your head, and into your heart.” Simple. Meaningful.

After some fun design work, we came up with this lotus flower to accompany the quote, which is an homage to the two murals in their main space at 3201 N Davidson St (upstairs). These Clean Graffiti spots went down around the NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Villa Heights areas of Charlotte, NC.

We absolutely love how they turned out. And people are loving them too. Here are a sample of the Instagram posts that we’ve been tagged in.

Social media posts from reverse graffiti

Instagram posts about the NoDa Yoga Clean Graffiti (photos from @secrestout31 and @simscarey) #thesavageway

Reverse Graffiti on social media

More social media interaction from the NoDa Yoga Clean Graffiti campaign. (photos by @passurlapage and @tarabokia81) #thesavageway

NoDa Yoga utilized our eco-friendly sidewalk messaging in the perfect way. The reverse graffiti message / image is a core value that reverberates across the studio, every single teacher and NoDa Yoga’s online message. By tapping into this side of the studio (instead of a sales messaged), people were able to relate and appreciate the Clean Graffiti spots. They are inspiring and authentic to their brand.