Who is one of the biggest rock bands of all time? The Rolling Stones definitely make the top of the list, and we just had the opportunity to do Clean Graffiti for them in Charlotte, NC. (Yeah.. the freaking Rolling Stones!)

We were contacted by the team at the Carolina Panthers to pull off a quick reverse graffiti campaign to help promote the announcement of a huge concert at Bank of America stadium. The goal, along with their other marketing tactics, was to tease the fact that the Rolling Stones were going back on tour. In several places around the city, including Clean Graffiti on the sidewalk, the famous Stones “mouth” appeared with phrases that hinted at a concert announcement. These “tease and reveals” also happened across the country where Mick Jagger and the Stones will soon play to sold out arenas.

This Clean Graffiti message was simple, on brand, and the PERFECT teaser to get the masses curious about what the Rolling Stones might be up to. We put our pressure washed images across popular walking areas including Uptown, South End, NoDa and Plaza Midwood. It has been fun to see passersby post the images to their Instagram stories and get excited for the concert.

Image of the Rolling Stones famous mouth that is pressure washed into the dirty concrete of the sidewalk.

The Rolling Stones use Clean Graffiti to promote their 2020 Concert Tour in Charlotte, NC.

Stylish women's shoes pose with the Rolling Stones Clean Graffiti.

The Rolling-Freaking-Stones use reverse graffiti!!

Walkers in Charlotte see a Clean Graffiti spot and post it to their Instagram Story. (via @summerjadyn)

Via Charlotte Agenda Instagram: The jumbo screen at the Bank of America Stadium showcases the Rolling Stones teaser campaign.

The Rolling Stones famous mouth with the words "Emotional Rescue" as a teaser on a digital billboard in Uptown Charlotte

Via Charlotte Agenda’s Instagram: The Rolling Stones use the digital billboard at the EpiCentre to tease a 2020 Concert Tour date.

This was such a beautiful use of our eco-friendly medium. Since the Rolling Stones are so iconic and everyone associates the “mouth” with this band, the stencil could be kept clean and simple. No words, no call to action – just a teaser that also acts as brand awareness. And to utilize the sidewalks where potential concert-goers are walking everyday is the perfect new way to reach their audience.

The concert is scheduled for July 1, 2020 at Bank of America Stadium. Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Friday, Feb. 14. More information can be found at rollingstones.com.

At #thesavageway, we are proud to work with ALL of our clients. They see the value in doing something different and are not afraid to push the line when it comes to their marketing. However, this campaign in particular is pretty high up on the list of favorite campaigns. The Rolling Stones, one of the biggest rock bands to ever grace this earth, used Clean Graffiti to promote their concert. (mind blown!). It is a great reminder to us that anything is possible and to keep reaching for the moon when it comes to our business.

A man wearing Nikes poses with a Rolling Stones Clean Graffiti spot in Charlotte, NC

Serious job love right here. #thesavageway