Sightline Steel Doors is a full service steel and iron door manufacturer. Located right here in Charlotte, NC, Jimmy Benham & his team custom design and create these beautiful, functional pieces of art for your home or business. They are in high demand and their work is gorgeous. Learn more about the steel door process on their website and Instagram.

We created a custom sign for the Sightline showroom. The clean and sleek lines of our preserved Moss Art mimicked the modern and sleek aesthetic that you get from the steel doors. Check out our latest creation below.

Behind the scenes look at the Sightline Steel Doors Moss Art sign.

Sightline Steel Doors Moss Art by #thesavageway

Overhead angle of the forest green preserved Moss Art piece for Sightline Steel Doors.

All Moss Art is preserved and requires no maintenance.

Smiling business owner smiles and points to his preserved moss sign in his showroom.

Company Owner, Jimmy Benham, poses with his custom Moss Art sign.

Moss Art sign as seen through a steel framed window in the Sightline Steel Doors showroom.

Moss Art peeking though an example of a custom Steel framed window.

A glass and steel framed door that is perfectly arched.

Look at this beautiful Arched Steel Door that was created by our Moss client.

A look into the showroom with steel windows and a steel door created by Sightline Steel Doors

More work by Sightline Steel Doors.

One thing we really appreciate about the Sightline team is their attention to excellence. From their website, “We believe a project’s success is taking every detail into consideration before the product is approved for fabrication. Smooth installations and finishes are not a product of luck and should not be decided on site, a smooth install requires proper planning and coordination.” We can get behind that kind of commitment!

Our custom Moss Art signs are made with so much care and love and that allows us to stay motivated to keep creating. And when we see our clients happy it truly is one of the best feelings. We are excited to keep following the Sightline journey.