New Spring Moss Art Design for PARA CLT

New Spring Moss Art Design for PARA CLT

PARA CLT is a Charlotte hotspot known for great food, cocktails and gorgeous atmosphere. The owners wanted to bring a different experience to the Queen City and it absolutely gives Miami, New York or Las Vegas vibes. Para is short for ‘imparable’ which means unstoppable and that is what this restaurant is, it’s shaking up the game. They embraced bringing plants and art into their space from local creatives (aka us – The Savage Way) from the onset of their launch. Originally, we created a 12′ w x 8.5′ h gorgeous preserved Fern Wall with the PARA logo centered in gold to set the tone for the dining experience – lush, unexpected, unique. It even garnered a celebrity sighting or two.

The co-owners of PARA are always ones to keep people on their toes and it was time to do something fresh and new for the space. We were elated to be asked again to help bring some natural beauty into PARA. The restaurant group owners asked our team to create a piece that would reflect how we are all feeling about these wild times, and all are proud to showcase it. It’s a preserved reindeer moss piece called: Self Reflection: You are entirely up to you.

PARA CLT new Moss Art for their South End Charlotte restaurant.

More about the piece: 

Self Reflection: You are entirely up to you.

Look at yourself. Like truly stop and take a look in the mirror. Are you showing up daily how you want to? Are you doing your best? Are you using your time wisely? Are you taking care of your health? What in your life is holding you back? How can you be more present for others? What relationships can go deeper? These are the questions you need to answer to be able to better your circumstances. And the beautiful reality is that you get to decide.

You get to choose or choose again and again and again until the change that you dreamed of is your reality. You are entirely up to you. And as a collective, if we all look inward to better ourselves, then we can show up for others in such an authentic and beautiful way. This life will just get better and better the more self reflection we do.

Size: 12’ w x 8.5’ h, inset into the main dining wall | Moss: Preserved Reindeer Moss in four colors

More on the Spring Refresh at PARA CLT

Best of all, the PARA team just launched their spring menu, and it is heavenly. Check out these fresh dishes with TONS of options for gluten-free and vegan friends. Left: PARA CHAAT (chickpea, yogurt, pomegranate, masala chips, apple butter, mint, puffed rice) Middle: “POKE” (vegan, “feta,” watermelon, avocado, orange, seaweed, crisps) Right: BROCCOLI (edamame hummus, miso honey, peanut, boondi).
When you hit them up for the “Poke” dish, make sure to admire the new Moss Art and let us know what you think! More at 
Green Moss Walls by The Savage Way

Green Moss Walls by The Savage Way

Green Moss Walls are all the rage in interior design in 2023. There is something to be said for having the healing power of nature indoors and without any of the maintenance – it’s glorious. In fact, this is known in the industry as “Biophilic Design.”

The term Biophilic Design may be new to you but you’ve experienced it every single day without realizing it. Design industries are just now getting more intentional with it. Biophilic Design is someone’s innate attraction to nature and living things. It can be found in everything from architecture, landscaping, water features and pocket parks, to simply adding plants into a space or listening to elevator music that sounds like rain  – the list goes on and on. Our offering, Moss Art, is a great example of Biophilic Design. We are using elements of nature and bringing them into corporate office, small businesses, restaurants, banks, etc to help create the glorious effects of Mother Nature.

As you know, when you spend some time in the woods, go for a hike or just put your bare feet in the grass, a sense of calm comes over you. You feel like you can breathe a little easier. The world slows down and you stop to appreciate beauty at every turn. That is what we are doing with Moss Art – it’s calming, grounding, and beautiful to look at. You can notice something different every time you stare at a piece of our art.

We wanted to share some of our larger scale green moss walls that bring this Biophilic Design into interior spaces. We are so proud of this work.

Green Feature Wall: Truist Bank now has a 40′ long Moss Wall with custom signage on top.

Moss Walls with Neon Signs: Carolina Pharmacy (left) UNC Charlotte Dining Services (right).

Reindeer Moss Wall: The Oliver Apartment Complex in Charlotte, NC.

You don’t always have to cover a wall edge to edge with Moss to make an impact. We have found great success with using negative space, designing with a shape in mind when a “VE Option” is required (value engineered cost savings) or using a structure that already exists. If a green wall is desired, we can always find a way.

A variety of projects using existing wall features and moss: UNC Charlotte Dubois Center (top left) | Crowntown Cannabis (top right) | Forgotten Road Ales Greensboro (bottom left) | PARA Charlotte (bottom right).

Above: Both photos feature the work we did at Credit One Stadium in Charleston, SC. Three separate Green Moss Art installations were created. Even ceiling acoustical panels.

Mixed Moss Wall with Mushrooms: NoDa Canteen in Camp North End, Charlotte, NC.

Unique Green Walls: Damn Good Brands reindeer moss drip | Crave Dessert Bar in Asheville.

No matter how you design it, incorporating Moss Art into your space is a great way to bring life, grounded energy and interest into a space. If anything here inspires you, please reach out. Our team of artists are ready and excited to help bring your vision to life. (Email: [email protected])

Bolt of Inspiration Welcomes New Sponsor

Bolt of Inspiration Welcomes New Sponsor

Every month, The Savage Way has the honor of gifting a Bolt of Inspiration during Creative Mornings, which is run by the awesome organization, Charlotte is Creative. If you’re not familiar with Creative Mornings, it is a morning social gathering to embrace the creative community. We talk about important issues facing our arts & culture initiatives and enjoy a fun coffee-fueled program.

The Bolt of Inspiration is one of our favorite things to do each month. It is a chance to highlight people in the community who inspire us or who are doing awesome, creative work. Torrie gets up every month and presents a 12″ Moss Art bolt to a different recipient. Since the program’s inception, more than 40 Charlotteans have been recognized with a Bolt of Inspiration. It’s opened our eyes to so many interesting and impactful humans.

Photo credit: Dionna Bright Photography

Torrie presenting the award at a previous Creative Mornings at Wray Ward.

Starting in March 2023, we welcomed our friends at UNC Charlotte as the lead sponsor of the Bolt of Inspiration award. This was a natural partnership between Charlotte is Creative, The Savage Way and UNC Charlotte. We’ve worked with the University on several Moss Art and Clean Graffiti projects over the years These include the Dubois Center Moss Wall and Mobile Moss Wall (pictured below), along with other projects like Niner Nation Week Clean Graffiti (also pictured below) and two Moss Rental Walls for their alumni event.

With Torrie as a proud graduate of UNC Charlotte (Go Niners!), it was even sweeter to know that the school sees the hard work that creatives in our community are putting in. Check out this beautiful feature that UNC Charlotte did on Torrie Savage and The Savage Way.

Previous work of The Savage Way and UNC Charlotte.

We can’t wait to see how this sponsorship helps grow the Bolt of Inspiration program. UNC Charlotte – thank you for the opportunity to continue shining the light on Creatives in Charlotte.

If you want to nominate a local Charlottean for a Bolt of Inspiration, send us an email at [email protected] with the cool, creative things that they are up to and we will review!

NoDa Canteen Now Open with Huge Moss Wall

NoDa Canteen Now Open with Huge Moss Wall

NoDa Canteen is now open at Camp North End (1824 Statesville Ave, Charlotte, NC 28206). This tropical haven is the perfect addition to the area (and a mile from our studio!!). Canteen offers a gorgeous space that co-founders Scott Lindsley & Joey Hewell designed themselves to resemble both their other location, NoDa Company Store, and the jungle vibes of Bali, Roatán. 

Torrie and I have known Scott & Joey for what seems like years now. Back when we did social media, we managed the NoDa Neighborhood Instagram and we able to feature all of the great work these two humans do for our city – Farmers Markets, opening the NoDa Company Store, Free Food Sundays and now NoDa Canteen! When they called and wanted a green wall we knew exactly what to make. Our lead Moss Artist, Ashley Schewzyk, put so much love and attention on this beauty. 

Our green art is part of a floating wall, 15′ wide x 5 ‘h, flanked by gorgeous coral paint. We are OBSESSED with how this piece turned out. The lush ferns, foliage, mosses, mushrooms – all preserved mind you – are simply stunning. Check out this awesome reel from opening night.

Our 15'x5' floating Moss Art wall inside NoDa Canteen during a bustling opening night.

Some of the awesome team of artists helping to being this piece to life (Back to Front: Molly Kennelly, Susannah Bryant, Ashley Schewzyk)

A little behind the scenes at the NoDa Canteen installation day.


Canteen is now open at Camp North End. We are so grateful to Scott & Joey for trusting us to be a part of this magic. Go out and support! And if you ever want to meet up there – just hit us up! We’d love to come join for a drink… or two! 🙂

MENU: Local beer, wine, sangria and more. Snacks available too!

HOURS: Mo: closed​ | ​Tu: closed​ | ​We: 12P-9P​ | ​T​h​: 12-9p​ | ​Fr: 12P-10P​ | ​S​a​: 11P-10P​ | ​Su: 11A-8P

Moss Art at The Mint Museum

Moss Art at The Mint Museum

We have the honor of being a featured artist in the Mint Museum Uptown! Gordon Holliday ( invited us to be a part of his show, Yasuke: The Hidden Ronin exhibit. Our Moss Art was a perfect addition to this eco-conscious, “art-full” experience. Check out all the details below on how you can view our work IRL.

Side Note: If you’ve been following us online for a long time and have yet to order a piece from us or see any of our work in real life, this is the PERFECT opportunity. Having a chance to view these piece away from a screen is a game-changer. Trust us… Moss Art is meant to be enjoyed in person – the dimension, the lush factor, the connection to nature – it is totally worth seeing!

Art Exhibit: Yasuke: The Hidden Ronin

About the Exhibit: The story of Yasuke is a fascinating story about the first black samurai. In understanding the history of traditional Japanese quilts, images of what Yasuke would wear in today’s modern times, inspired by contemporary fashion elements, were developed. In an effort to incorporate more sustainable methods of creation, donated, reworked, and up-cycled leftover materials were used to create this exhibition. Utilizing the traditional Japanese quilting style of Sashiko and Boro, 10 modern kimonos were created to honor the intersection of African and Japanese cultures through Yasuke.

Artists on Display: The Savage Way, Breonna Collier, Cordrell Colbert/ JMPCUT, Daremen Jones, Fart.PDF, CHEEKS.CLT, BRUTALBLOOM, JUS10, MAUVEOSHUN, Garreth Doug, Justin Hicks, Wabwilam Mugala, and Demarc Ramanand.

Dates: July 8, 2022 – to September 15, 2022.

Location: The Mint Museum Uptown (500 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202), Level 5

Hours: Open to the Public during Museum Hours:

  • Sunday: 1-5pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11am-6pm
  • Wednesday: 11am-9pm (Free from 6-9pm)
  • Thursday: 11am-6pm
  • Friday: 11am-9pm
  • Saturday: 11am-6pm

How to get to the show: 
1. Enter at the Mint Museum Uptown and make your way to reception.
2. Purchase your ticket. ($15 for Adults, Mint Museum Member always free, Kids 4 and under free)
3. Yasuke Exhibit with our Moss Art is located on Level 5. Your ticket gets you access to the entire museum with artists displayed on every floor, but we are only on Level 5.

All items are available for purchase. Here is a list of all of our work! Shoot us an email ([email protected]) with any questions, or simply purchase here at the shop link.

PIECE 1: Nature’s Power House (Lion): Size: 48″ x 48″, Price Point: $3150
PIECE 2: Growing Wild (Flower Circle): Size: 30″, Price Point: $1350
PIECE 3: Earth Renewed (Pole Circles): 8″ (qty 4): $150 ea, 12″ (qty 3): $200 ea, 18″ (qty 2): $275 ea
PIECE 4: Hope for the Future (Fern Circles) QTY: 6 (sold individually), Size: 24″, Price Point: $350 ea
PIECE 5: Free Spirit (Bohemian Floral Frame): Size: 24″ x 36″, Price Point: $1850
PIECE 6: She’s Bloomin’ (Vibrant Floral Frame): Size: 24″ x 36″, Price Point: $1750
PIECE 7: Showstopper ( Large Fern Frame): Size: 48″ x 60″, Price Point: $4400


The Savage Way Launches Online Shop

The Savage Way Launches Online Shop

Moss Art for Home | Interior Design

For years we have been asked to open up an online shop with some smaller, custom art for the home. Well, in December 2021 we FINALLY got it together and launched the The Savage Way Online Shop. Our Moss Art pieces make beautiful additions to any space and are maintenance-free! That’s right – no water or sunlight required! Everything is made from real moss that has been preserved! We are excited to offer this home line for anyone to easily order straight to your door. Check out a breakdown of all the products below.

Preserved Moss Art for sale in The Savage Way online shop. Six items for sale are displayed.


One of our most popular Moss Art pieces is The Savage Way Moss Circle, it comes with a variety of different elements including sheet moss, mood moss and ferns.  Add it to different spaces, like a kitchen, living room, office space, or even in a bedroom, to create a calm vibe. As shown below, the Fern Circle adds a perfect pop of greenery to brighten up any room.

The Savage Way Fern circle hanging in a modern, colorful dining room. 


Our Moss Bowls just keep on selling out! These are a fan favorite which makes sense, I mean look at them! Our Moss Bowls bring the perfect amount of nature to any room without any maintenance! The bowl is a weathered, rustic style of wood. Each bowl is unique, so the texture and sizing can vary slightly. We are in the process of offering multiple sizes – Stay tuned here for updates.

A gorgeous preserved Moos Moss bowl by The Savage Way sitting on a chic, modern kitchen counter.


We are a local Charlotte, NC based business and we wanted to create a piece that was close to home. This CLT Moss Art piece is the perfect gift for any Charlottean to add to their home or office space! It comes in two different colors, Chartreuse (lighter) and Basil (darker). It is the most affordable item on the website and makes a great gift whether it is for a friend, spouse or family member! Like our other products, this is made from preserved moss that requires zero maintenance.

Two images of a mossed "CLT" piece of art. One laying on a table and one being held by a Client.


Lastly, we have the Hamsa Hand which is known as the Universal Sign of Protection. It is known to bring fortune and fertility, as well protection against the evil eye. If it is hung with fingers pointing downward it is to let more goodness, luck, fertility and abundance into your life. Hanging with fingers pointing upward signifies protection against negative energy. Our Hamsa Hand comes in two different colors: green and royal.

Two Preserved Moss Hamsa Hands, one jewel toned and one all green by The Savage Way.

We also have a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces on the site including Homer, this Rainbow Box, a Lion and a sticker pack! We constantly are testing new ideas in the studio and we update the site whenever a new item is for sale. And like we tell all of our clients, if you don’t see something that you like, hit us up! We can make custom work and help bring your vision to life.