GoTriangle Moss Art now decorates walls of headquarters

GoTriangle Moss art in office

Custom Moss Art wall for GoTriangle in Durham, NC. #thesavageway

We had the honor of creating some custom art for a company called GoTriangle. Their new headquarters is based in Durham, NC and they called us when they wanted to bring some green, creative artwork into the space. GoTriangle Moss Art was the perfect way to transform their company logo into beautiful, green interior decor.

GoTriangle provides public transportation for the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. This includes “regional bus and shuttle service, paratransit services, ridematching and vanpools; commuter resources and an emergency ride home program.” Learn more about their efforts to help commuters during a rapidly growing time in North Carolina.

The Artwork

The two pieces we created involved 4 colors of moss, 42 individual triangles, 2 walls, a traveling installer, and lots of love. In total, the two complete pieces covered a 6ft x 7ft wall and a 5ft x 7ft wall. From the start, the goal was to bring the GoTriangle logo to life. We looked at other marketing efforts they were making in the community in order to retain brand standards, but knew that there would be some restrictions on what we could do because we work with Moss – aka nature. However, the end result turned out not only on-brand, but looking awesome in the space.

The best part about these custom pieces is that we are able to provide a green element indoors without any maintenance. That means no need for a water source, drainage, a light source, or anyone to tend to the plants. By using preserved moss, we bring 100% real plants into a corporate office space and alleviate the headache.

GoTriangle branding

Logo and marketing inspiration for custom Moss Art walls by #thesavageway.

Moss colors #thesavageway

Different moss colors for GoTriangle Moss Art by #thesavageway

Green moss colors the savage way

Up close view of the triangles by #thesavageway

GoTriangle Moss Art different green shades

It is all in the details for this custom GoTriangle Moss Art.

Office Decor GoTriangle Moss Art

Hallway view of our art in GoTriangle headquarters in Durham, NC.

To say that we are proud of this installation is an understatement. We were presented with a challenge and through ingenuity, we were able to create something that will stand the test of time. (Our team even had a little fun when installing the triangles – Check out this video. “They’re light green, they’re dark green, they’re lime green, they’re every color green”….. 🙂