Green Moss Walls are all the rage in interior design in 2023. There is something to be said for having the healing power of nature indoors and without any of the maintenance – it’s glorious. In fact, this is known in the industry as “Biophilic Design.”

The term Biophilic Design may be new to you but you’ve experienced it every single day without realizing it. Design industries are just now getting more intentional with it. Biophilic Design is someone’s innate attraction to nature and living things. It can be found in everything from architecture, landscaping, water features and pocket parks, to simply adding plants into a space or listening to elevator music that sounds like rain  – the list goes on and on. Our offering, Moss Art, is a great example of Biophilic Design. We are using elements of nature and bringing them into corporate office, small businesses, restaurants, banks, etc to help create the glorious effects of Mother Nature.

As you know, when you spend some time in the woods, go for a hike or just put your bare feet in the grass, a sense of calm comes over you. You feel like you can breathe a little easier. The world slows down and you stop to appreciate beauty at every turn. That is what we are doing with Moss Art – it’s calming, grounding, and beautiful to look at. You can notice something different every time you stare at a piece of our art.

We wanted to share some of our larger scale green moss walls that bring this Biophilic Design into interior spaces. We are so proud of this work.

Green Feature Wall: Truist Bank now has a 40′ long Moss Wall with custom signage on top.

Moss Walls with Neon Signs: Carolina Pharmacy (left) UNC Charlotte Dining Services (right).

Reindeer Moss Wall: The Oliver Apartment Complex in Charlotte, NC.

You don’t always have to cover a wall edge to edge with Moss to make an impact. We have found great success with using negative space, designing with a shape in mind when a “VE Option” is required (value engineered cost savings) or using a structure that already exists. If a green wall is desired, we can always find a way.

A variety of projects using existing wall features and moss: UNC Charlotte Dubois Center (top left) | Crowntown Cannabis (top right) | Forgotten Road Ales Greensboro (bottom left) | PARA Charlotte (bottom right).

Above: Both photos feature the work we did at Credit One Stadium in Charleston, SC. Three separate Green Moss Art installations were created. Even ceiling acoustical panels.

Mixed Moss Wall with Mushrooms: NoDa Canteen in Camp North End, Charlotte, NC.

Unique Green Walls: Damn Good Brands reindeer moss drip | Crave Dessert Bar in Asheville.

No matter how you design it, incorporating Moss Art into your space is a great way to bring life, grounded energy and interest into a space. If anything here inspires you, please reach out. Our team of artists are ready and excited to help bring your vision to life. (Email: