Working with a client like Not Just Coffee is somewhat of a dream. Not only are the people behind this successful Charlotte coffee shop some of the best people on the planet, but they are open to our crazy, out of the box ideas.

We had an idea to share the power of love & positivity through a Clean Graffiti campaign. Everyone loves coffee. Just mentioning that sweet morning nectar on social media will garner you some attention (likes, retweets, comments, etc). However, we want our city to love people, not just coffee.

We pitched the idea of #LovePeopleNotJustCoffee to the Not Just Coffee team and immediately we knew it was the perfect fit. Not Just Coffee is a craft coffee shop with three locations in Charlotte (Atherton Mill & Market, 7th Street Public Market, and Packard Place). They are hyper community-oriented, socially minded and thoughtful. James & Miracle Yoder, owners, opened their hearts and their doors to us (and this idea).

The idea was to put down some Clean Graffiti around the city, in several neighborhoods, and then host some social gatherings to encourage people to connect. The Clean Graffiti was designed in collaboration with Matt Hooker, a local Charlotte artist. If you live in this city, you’ve certainly seen his amazing work.

Matt Hooker Clean Graffiti

Clean Graffiti designed in collaboration with Matt Hooker (@HookerMedia). #thesavageway

With the Clean Graffiti in place, we brought in the Conduit of Love in Charlotte, Stephen Graddick (@theecopreneur) to help us bring this vision to life. On a sunny Wednesday evening, we would gather a small group of seemingly random people for drinks & conversation. Our goal was to bring our worlds together and fill the room with love.


Cheers to all of these humans for joining us for a night all about love & positivity. You are what make CLT so amazing. #LovePeopleNotJustCoffee

This amazing group of humans gathered and instead of the typical icebreaker question “What do you do,” Stephen prompted the question, “What do you love? What inspires you?” It was amazing to see this group ebb and flow in conversation, to laugh with new friends and leave feeling inspired.

After a short while, we walked out to a Clean Graffiti spot in SouthEnd and snapped some fun group pictures. Here is a sampling of the love that was created that night.

Reverse Graffiti for Love People Not Just Coffee Campaign

Love people, not just coffee. Left: Miracle & James Yoder | Right: Marcus & Paula Willie. #thesavageway

Fun time for #LovePeopleNotJustCoffee

Fun at the Not Just Coffee Event: Left: Miracle Yoder & Zach Gudzan | Center: Group Photo | Right: Aubrey Jolly

Love People Not Just Coffee Clean Graffiti campaign

Left: Jordan Noles || Right: Stephen Graddick, Zach Gudzan, Sydney Duarte, Heather Barb, Aaron Dodge

Love and Positivity in CLT #thesavageway

Spread Love!!!!! #LovePeopleNotJustCoffee

Now there is a new mission, Charlotte. Go find a Not Just Coffee Clean Graffiti spot around town – there are 12 of them – upload a picture and share what you love about someone. Let’s spread this message throughout the Queen City. Then take a moment to call your mom, text a friend, help a stranger, check in with someone – just spread the love. <3