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NoDa : Charlotte, NC’s Historic Arts District is a neighborhood full of limitless creativity found in the minds of local artists, fine culinary experiences, and unique microbreweries. NoDa is a destination in the Queen City and this hub of originality needed a face; a way for people to see the life that is the heart of this community. Enter Instagram.

Screenshot of @NoDaCLT's Instagram

Screenshot of @NoDaCLT’s Instagram

When #thesavageway was hired on as the local event promotion team behind the annual neighborhood fundraiser event, NoDaWEEN, it became clear that photo-driven Instagram was needed to bring the event and the neighborhood to life. Little did we expect for this social outlet to literally take off.

@NoDaCLT, the Official Instagram of the NoDa Neighborhood, was created in the beginning of August 2013 when #thesavageway was brought on to brand manage. Within 3 months, the followers grew from 0 to 1,500+ followers. Talk about Insta-neighborhood love!

By correlating with the existing NoDa social media portals and strategically creating content, the account began to form. Pictures were focused on the heart and soul of the neighborhood; those familiar faces and places that make 36th and North Davidson alive.

@NoDaCLT Instagram Neighborhood Examples

@NoDaCLT Instagram Neighborhood Examples

Branded images for the event NoDaWEEN also were incorporated.

@NoDaCLT NoDaWEEN Instagram post examples

@NoDaCLT NoDaWEEN Instagram post examples

This account began with a need for online representation for a client’s event; however it grew into something much more substantial than that. Social media is people-driven and at the end of the day we all want to be able to relate to the places and things that we love. People love NoDa. People are great supporters of this neighborhood and all of the art forms that come with it.  #thesavageway simply established a fun, relatable portal for neighbors and visitors to enjoy.

If you are interested in finding out more about #thesavageway’s services and boosting your social media, email [email protected]