Urban MVMNT/Southend Grind use Moss Art to bring life to the lounge area of their LoSo Gym

Exercise, coffee and creating Moss Art are a few of our favorite things. When the guys at Urban MVMNT & Southend Grind Coffee called us to help them with a Moss Art piece, we knew that it was going to be awesome. However, we had no idea that after brainstorming with them, that we would be creating an 8 foot wide abstract map of the city.. in moss!

Urban MVMNT is located at 255 Clanton Rd. Their space is gorgeous. From the state-of-the-art functional fitness gym to the modern coffee shop, they did not spare any detail. We were brought in to bring some greenery to the centrally-located lounge area. Our moss was a great solution since our preserved plants do not require any sunlight or watering. It was the perfect solution for this interior space. Our Moss Art map adorns the left side wall, overlooking the windows to the gym.

This piece turned into an interpretation of the LoSo area map. The “islands” of moss represent the land and the space where the wall pops through are the streets of Charlotte. We brought in our wood partners, 8lincoln30, to help us create the backing for this massive piece. Jeremy & Jason Calamusa (yes, they are brothers), also assisted with the installation of the art.

At the time of our installation, they were still finalizing all of the other new additions to the lounge area. But we saw the plans… it’s going to be GORGEOUS! So do yourself a favor and stop into their space and have a look around. You can stop in anytime, grab a coffee and hang out in the lounge. (note: you do not have to be a gym member to enjoy this gorgeous space in Charlotte)



Moss Art pieces made by #thesavageway.

two men measuring for the installation of moss art

The lounge area of Urban MVMNT / Southend Grind Coffee gets a makeover. #thesavageway

two men use a nail gun to secure moss art to a wall

Our partners, 8lincoln30, help install the Moss Art wall at Urban MVMNT / Southend Grind Coffee.

blonde woman, the founder of #thesavageway, installs the final moss piece of an installation.

#thesavageway founder, Torrie Savage, installs the last piece of moss at Urban MVMNT.

Two men stand in front of a Moss Art wall made by #thesavageway.

Southend Grind owner, Fredric Nordoff (left), and Urban MVMNT owner, Stuart Brauer, stand in front of the Moss Art wall in their lounge.