Taking #thesavageway…..

Taking #thesavageway…..

By: Paula Bartlett (PR/Marketing Manager : Forever Intern)

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When I met Torrie Savage, I knew that things in my life were about to dramatically change. Here we were, two twenty-something strangers having a drink at the local watering hole Jack Beagles in NoDa, with business being the last thing on our minds. We got to talking about what we did for a living (me: a bartender with aspirations to break into the event/marketing/communications field, her: a talented marketing executive with aspirations to start her own business). The stars were aligning right in front of my eyes.

After a few busy, busy weeks we FINALLY met up for a drink to discuss potentially working together. She started telling me about #thesavageway and what she hoped to accomplish with her company. She spoke about working with small businesses, working to positively influence the community, helping Charlotte to see that there are other ways to get a message out (a.k.a. what became Clean Graffiti) and a million other ideas. Things just clicked. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this future and this company. So, I’m sure somewhat reluctantly, she agreed to let me intern with her. A trial period. I mean, she did meet me in a bar and had to make sure I could do what I said I could 🙂

Things immediately got underway. She wasn’t officially a company yet but we operated like one… booking clients, brainstorming ideas, doing work! I learned something new from her everyday and loved being able to pick her brain about social media, how it works, why it works, strategy, etc. I felt at home and that I was finally doing something I’d been trying to do since I graduated from college in Ohio a few years ago.

So it’s been six months since I joined this team and I still can’t believe that I’ve been so blessed to work in an environment where I am challenged everyday. Where I get to work alongside fantastic, creative people, have fun, listen to music, dance and be goofy all while changing the Charlotte marketing scene. Everything about #thesavageway and what the company believes in is something I stand behind whole-heartedly. Truly blessed!

Now, when I look back on that fateful moment when Torrie and I met, all I can be is thankful that we both needed a dirty martini that day!

clean graffiti, #thesavageway

clean graffiti, #thesavageway

Dirty Sidewalk, Clean Message.

the concept : clean graffiti
the goal : eco-friendly advertising
the market : charlotte, nc
the brainstormers: my father and I

It was a few years ago when I first stumbled upon the idea of clean graffiti, I was helping my dad pressure wash his back sidewalk leading up to the deck. As I started to draw on the sidewalk with the pressure of the water the light bulbs went off in my head. My father and I then started to discuss the possibilities of how cool it would be to see a business’ name on the ground.

I then took this rough, cursive writing, and immediately began thinking why this hadn’t been done yet with a stencil and a message/campaign. Well, sure enough, reverse graffiti had been done before! Though starting as an art form and then a medium for advertising in Europe, the concept still hadn’t caught on as prevalently in the States. So, I did a the research and saw a need and an opportunity in the Charlotte community for a unique, green marketing initiative.

The stars began to align when I pitched my concept to OrthoCarolina, the largest private physician’s network in the Carolinas. They jumped at the chance to partner with a local small business and I couldn’t believe I was going to have a contract with such a large, positive, influential company.

My hope with Clean Graffiti is to partner with companies that wish to make a “green” mark on the over saturated advertising world. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what my company can do with these ads – from coming up with creative content and making interesting messages to where the ads are placed.  Clean Graffiti in just an extension of the services that I offer, but it is truly unique to the Queen City and something that I am very proud of.