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Dirty Sidewalk, Clean Message.

the concept : clean graffiti
the goal : eco-friendly advertising
the market : charlotte, nc
the brainstormers: my father and I

It was a few years ago when I first stumbled upon the idea of clean graffiti, I was helping my dad pressure wash his back sidewalk leading up to the deck. As I started to draw on the sidewalk with the pressure of the water the light bulbs went off in my head. My father and I then started to discuss the possibilities of how cool it would be to see a business’ name on the ground.

I then took this rough, cursive writing, and immediately began thinking why this hadn’t been done yet with a stencil and a message/campaign. Well, sure enough, reverse graffiti had been done before! Though starting as an art form and then a medium for advertising in Europe, the concept still hadn’t caught on as prevalently in the States. So, I did a the research and saw a need and an opportunity in the Charlotte community for a unique, green marketing initiative.

The stars began to align when I pitched my concept to OrthoCarolina, the largest private physician’s network in the Carolinas. They jumped at the chance to partner with a local small business and I couldn’t believe I was going to have a contract with such a large, positive, influential company.

My hope with Clean Graffiti is to partner with companies that wish to make a “green” mark on the over saturated advertising world. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what my company can do with these ads – from coming up with creative content and making interesting messages to where the ads are placed.  Clean Graffiti in just an extension of the services that I offer, but it is truly unique to the Queen City and something that I am very proud of.