What is #thesavageway? We get asked this question on a daily basis and we are always trying to find an easy way to define what we do… So we wrote a blog about it. Some things that come to mind are Social Media Consultants, Small Business Marketing, Clean Graffiti, NoDa-ettes, Positive Thinkers and aspiring Change Makers. This snapshot is just a handful of things that help identify who we are as a company however it is tough to define our company without defining ourselves too!

So who is behind this woman-run business? For those of you who do not know, #thesavageway is comprised of Torrie Savage and Paula Bartlett.

Owners : Paula Bartlett & Torrie Savage

Owners : Paula Bartlett & Torrie Savage – Photo Credit: Justin Driscoll Photography

We both live and work in NoDa, the Historic Arts District, located just north of Uptown Charlotte.  Our love for the neighborhood is pretty apparent to anyone who meets us and you can often find us wandering 36th and North Davidson. The creative energy here is something we both feed off of!

Healthy living is something that has become a huge part of our lives. The choices that we are making everyday are only making us stronger. We are both all about eating Real Food and making the best choices for our bodies. Torrie eats a majority Paleo diet and Paula is a vegetarian working on eating eggs! We stay active by walking our pups (Billy, Rosie and Lola) and hitting up the CrossFit gym 4-5 days a week – We will be able to do a pull up one of these days!

Music is our passion; All music. All the time.

Positive thinking and being kind are things that drive almost every decision we make. We understand that we have to put good into the world in order to see good back from it. Our social media pages (personal and business) are full of positive thoughts and quotes as a way to remind ourselves to think positive on a daily basis. There is power in practicing positivity and we have found a real happiness and sense of calm in this!

Positive Quotes #thesavageway

So what is #thesavageway you ask… Well, yes we are owners of a small business and we do consulting and clean graffiti, but we are also an awesome team who will laugh with you, introduce you to new music, look out for your best interest and work incredibly hard for you and your business along the way.

Torrie & Paula