We love when companies contact us to do something out of the box. When they want to create a fun and interactive campaign that brings attention to their brand in a different way, that’s the ticket. And that’s what Brixx Pizza decided to do.

Brixx Pizza opened their doors in 1998 in the historic Dilworth neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. By utilizing brick ovens to enhance the natural flavors of quality ingredients, Brixx has been able to successfully open 30 stores throughout the Southeast. Not only is their pizza delicious, but they have a huge heart for this community. Most recently, Brixx Pizza donated $10,000 to the Isabella Santos Foundation. 

The Brixx Pizza team had us place random branded rocks around the city. The goal was to bring attention to their Charlotte locations and encourage the downloading of their Brixx Roxx app on iPhone and Android.

Smiling girl in the middle of Charlotte, NC holding a red branded rock for Brixx Pizza.

Brixx Pizza launched a creative marketing campaign using branded rocks to drive traffic to their 6 locations.

Random Brixx Rock in front of Coco & the Director in Uptown Charlotte, NC.

Branded red Brixx rock in front of a cool, colorful art-covered bear in Charlotte, NC.

You Rock. Brixx Roxx. Let’s be friends.

Creative Marketing at it’s finest, by #thesavageway.

We placed red rocks with a branded message on it near these six Brixx Pizza locations:

Birkdale (16915 Birkdale Commons Pkwy)
Blakeney (9820 Rea Rd.)
Dilworth (1801 Scott Ave.)
Foxcroft (7814 Fairview Rd.)
Uptown (225 E. 6th St.)
Fort Mill, SC (1343 Broadcloth St.)

We placed these rocks in popular, high-foot traffic areas, think parks, shopping plazas, parking lots, etc. Anywhere your family might hang out for a minute, you could find a rock. (i.e. Harris Teeter entrances, Target parking lot, Starbucks planters, etc.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a “Brixx Roxx” promo rock around one of the six Charlotte Brixx locations
  2. Download the Brixx Roxx app
  3. Bring the rock into your local Brixx location
  4. Get a free, yummy surprise

It’s that easy. So go out there, pizza lovers, and find yourself a rock. Let Brixx Pizza know how much you love their creative marketing idea!