Killingsworth Environmental, the pest control company, used Clean Graffiti to creatively capture the attention of pedestrians in Charlotte, NC. In two separate campaigns, we were able to get clever about pest issues in our city. With eye-catching creative and the use of vanity URLs ( and, Killingsworth captured the audience and quickly directed them to a website that lays out an action item.

Two Campaigns

“What’s the deal with all the rats?!” (We can’t help but hear this in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld). But seriously, Charlotte has seen an increase in the rat population. Killingsworth is working hard to fix that issue with their new eco-friendly rodent clean up system called SMART. When the client reached out, we knew that this would be such a natural fit with the Killingsworth brand. was the second campaign and again we had an eye-catching, creative message with a short and memorable URL. The goal was to drive people to a website to sign up for pest control services. “THEY’RE HERE…” with a bunch of bugs “crawling” on the sidewalk definitely grabs a pedestrian’s attention.

Why it Works

Clean Graffiti is a great addition to an overall marketing plan. Killingsworth is an established company (founded in 1993). They have market familiarity and they advertise in other spaces. Using a guerilla marketing tactic is a fun extension of the usual advertising initiatives. With Clean Graffiti, our client can reach their audience in a totally new space, the sidewalk, and leave a lasting impression with a clever message. When you see “What’s the deal with all the rats?” it makes you pause, analyze the question and go to to learn more. It’s intriguing, clever and eco-friendly to boot.

We love the originality of these stencils and really appreciate how the Killingsworth team was open to the out-of-the-box nature of our advertising medium. Honored to get this awesome message from our client:

“To speak to the effectiveness of the campaign, I happened to mention rats this Wednesday while at Rhino Market and one of the staff members stopped me to ask if I had seen the “rat problem website on the sidewalks”. We appreciate your extra effort in making this campaign a success, especially last minute. It’s made one of our most popular landing pages. (It ended the year as our second most popular page behind the homepage). Most importantly, it’s helped us make Charlotte a healthier place for everyone. We continue to see results from this campaign and look forward to working together more this year.” – Tessa Shoe, Marketing Manager of Killingsworth.

To learn more about Killingsworth and their services, head to their website.