Reverse Graffiti for the Carolina Hurricanes was put down in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte to kick off the NHL season

Our Clean Graffiti work has allowed us to work with some amazing clients. From healthcare leaders to nonprofit organizations, our clients run the gamut. However, anytime that we get the chance to work with a professional sports teams, we do a little dance.

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The Carolina Hurricanes are a professional hockey team here in North Carolina. Their games are a ton of fun to watch. When they approached us to create a Clean Graffiti campaign for their 2018/2019 NHL Season, we knew that it would create a buzz.

We took their key phrase “Take Warning” along with their icon and made a specialized stencil that we then pressure washed onto the sidewalk. This creative message is not only eye-catching and unexpected, but it is eco-friendly. IT’S. JUST. WATER.

two pairs of feet standing over a message that has been cleaned onto the sidewalk that reads "Take Warning. 10-4-18" with the Carolina Hurricanes icon.

Clean Graffiti for Carolina Hurricanes for the 2018/2019 season.

reverse graffiti for carolina hurricanes

Reverse Graffiti for NHL ‘s Hurricanes in Raleigh, NC.

Clean graffiti for the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes

Take Warning – The Carolina Hurricanes use Clean Graffiti to spread awareness about the season.

There is still time to catch a game or two this season. Check out the full Hurricanes schedule here.