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We just created an awesome Clean Graffiti campaign for Novel NoDa (seriously, we love it). Often we recommend putting a more artistic message down when using Clean Graffiti. Make it art. Make it pretty. Make the brand more subtle (You know, brought to you by XYZ company). Over our six years of being in business, we have found that the consumer absorbs a message like this so much better. It’s already unexpected to be on the sidewalk and in our world of third party social media content, frankly you should push for something fun, cool, witty or “Instagrammable” to represent your brand.

Kudos to Novel NoDa, Charlotte’s luxury apartment complex in the historic arts district of NoDa, for giving us the space to be creative and take their message to the next level. We partnered with the insanely talented local Charlotte artist, Kyle Mosher, to create this one-of-a-kind reverse graffiti message.

Clean Graffiti for Novel NoDa

Clean Graffiti artwork by #thesavageway & Kyle Mosher for Novel NoDa Apartments.


Novel NoDa’s Clean Graffiti looks great on the sidewalks of the NoDa & Plaza Midwood neighborhoods.

As an apartment complex in the NoDa neighborhood, Novel NoDa has embraced the arts community. From murals, interior decor, events, Clean Graffiti, and so much more – they believe in supporting art and artists. So we decided to recreate this love again – but on the sidewalk (just using water).

The Clean Graffiti message states “Believe in Art.” How rad is that?! With Kyle’s signature style added into the design, we have to say that this might be one of our favorite messages to date. It comes full circle to the brand because of their huge tie to the arts community. In fact, Kyle is running a contest to give away even MORE custom art. Check out his Instagram post to see the details on how posting a picture of the Clean Graffiti could snag a hand signed print of your choosing.

We are obsessed with this design from Kyle and the message to “Believe in Art”…. because clearly we do and we want everyone to see beauty everywhere.????????????