Eco-Friendly Sidewalk Message Used for Trade Show Marketing

We love working with companies that get it. Companies that see Clean Graffiti as an amazing eco-friendly alternative to other outdoor media options. Companies that like to take risks. Push the line. Be Innovative. Combat Medical approached us for a reverse graffiti campaign for an upcoming conference in Charlotte, NC, and we knew that this was one of those companies.

The team at Combat Medical was excited to welcome the attendees of the Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) to the Queen City. We used a stencil, water and dirty concrete to create this fun welcome message courtesy of Combat Medical. Clean Graffiti is a great marketing tool for trade shows and conferences. Like Combat Medical, you are able to highly target your audience in a specific place and in an unexpected way.

Reverse Graffiti SOMSA

Clean Graffiti for Combat Medical in Charlotte, NC.

Combat Medical Sidewalk Art

These temporary spots were used to call attention to a brand at an industry conference. #thesavageway

Here are a few links to check out: Find out more about the work of Combat Medical and find out more about SOMSA. This is the second time we’ve used Clean Graffiti to target audiences around a major industry-specific conference (check out our first conference in New Orleans, LA).

Clean Graffiti is a great, temporary way to speak to your target audience. If you are looking to capture your audience at a trade show, highlight a new store opening, or get creative with a unique marketing message, then Clean Graffiti is a great choice.