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This is Part 1 in a 5 Part Series diving into Clean Graffiti in the Queen City. Clean Graffiti is a service that #thesavageway has been honing in on for some time now. Months of research, technique testing and market research led to the clean advertising method that is now in practice across Charlotte. With several clients in the books, it is time to reflect on the practice. This piece is about the longevity of Clean Graffiti.

Back up to October 2012, a new local brewpub geared towards the foodie was slated to open in the Historic Arts District of NoDa : Heist Brewery . The Heist team had been working tirelessly to open their doors since 2011. #thesavageway  was already contracted as the marketing team to help get the brewery off the ground, running its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PR and Media Relations. The buzz could be heard around the city and there was a certain energy in the air. When grand opening week FINALLY arrived, it seemed like a natural fit to incorporate this new idea of Clean Graffiti.

Clean Graffiti  is an eco-friendly and green form of advertising. These branded, positive messages are strategically placed on dirty sidewalks and a clean message remains.

#thesavageway worked with Heist owner Kurt Hogan on where the placement of the messages would be; think directional signage leading to the new brewery, branded images throughout neighborhood streets and awareness in other neighborhoods.

Heist Brewery Clean Graffiti

Heist Brewery Clean Graffiti 2012

Heist Brewery Clean Graffiti 2013 (one year old)

Heist Brewery Clean Graffiti 2013 (one year old)

Today is December 9, 2013. These messages were laid down over one year and 2 months ago. We will say that again – over 425 days ago! The longevity that these messages have is incredible. Not every spot will remain this long, average length is anywhere between 6 weeks and 8 months, it just depends on the environmental elements and foot traffic. From an advertising perspective, the average length of a newspaper ad or magazine ad is one week, one month at best. Clean Graffiti is an eco-friendly alternative that is clean, good for the environment and extremely cost effective in a conscientious way. It’s Just Water.

So as you are walking around the streets of NoDa this holiday season, keep an eye out for these Clean Graffiti messages – who knows, they may lead you to great beer!

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