This past weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to experience a breathwork class with the wonderful Jonathan Winn of Breathe.

Breathwork is an extremely powerful tool that focuses on the breath in order to heal each of us mentally, emotionally and physically. It is more than just everyday breathing. You go through a journey to relaxation and clarity.

Now it must be admitted that we did not really know what to expect walking into this Saturday morning workshop. We kept asking Jonathan and his clients what the breathwork experience was like, and the resounding response was that, “it’s indescribable, you must experience it for yourself.”

We walked into the Breathe studio (located in the Highland Mill Lofts in NoDa), with open hearts and open minds. The space is refreshingly simple and zen-like. We felt at peace. Jonathan talked about creating a refuge, a safe place with his work and he did just that.

Breathe studio located in the historic arts district of NoDa.

Breathe studio located in the historic arts district of NoDa.

We were in a room with 12 other people who were all looking for a relaxation tool.  Some were small business owners (like us), others were corporate lawyers and some teachers. Each of us a different walk of life yet each experiencing the stress and anxiety of life.

At the beginning of the workshop, Jonathan walked us through everything we needed to know. He told us of the ladder that we would climb and then descend all while breathing. There was music playing that aided in the experience. Each of us were wrapped in a blanket and had an eye mask over our eyes in order to block out all distractions. It felt safe.

Breathwork Workshop with Jonathan Winn, owner of Breathe.

Breathwork Workshop with Jonathan Winn, owner of Breathe.

The breathwork workshop was unlike anything either of us had ever experienced before. It was a moment to be completely focused on yourself and the stressors in your life. You go to a place in yourself that you didn’t even know was there. The root of who you are as a person. It’s true! Jonathan’s teaching of breathwork is indescribable and something that you MUST experience for yourself.

What we learned at the end of the workshop is that breathwork is so much more than learning how to breathe.  It was about embracing whatever happened (be it emotional or physical) in that moment and letting it go. Letting go by breathing through it. Life can be challenging and beyond stressful at times. Breathwork is a great, natural way to take an assessment of what you are feeling and using breath to get through.

Most of us are great at helping others and doing what we can to alleviate any stress from our loved one’s lives, but we aren’t so great at stopping and helping ourselves. Breathwork truly is life changing. Do yourself a favor and sign up Jonathan’s for the next workshop on November 8.

Location: 2901 N Davidson St #122 Charlotte NC
Next Workshop: Saturday, November 8, 2014, 10:30am-12pm
Twitter: @BreatheRefuge
Facebook: /BreatheRefuge