Summer is here. That means no school, days at the pool, family vacation, and lots of time in the sun. We know you are protecting your skin with plenty of sunscreen, but summer is also a great time to schedule “the other screen you need”… a mammogram. That’s why we partnered with leading healthcare provider, Novant Health, on a multi-city Clean Graffiti campaign promoting mammograms.

Reverse Graffiti for leading healthcare company

Clean Graffiti for Novant Health encourages mammogram screenings this summer. #thesavageway

Creative Marketing for Novant Health

“I stand for mammograms” creative message for Novant Health in Winston Salem, NC. #thesavageway

Novant Health understands that October is not the only month that breast health is of importance. Women can and should schedule their mammogram when it’s convenient for them – any time of year. This public health campaign is spreading such an important message about breast health. You can check out more about the importance of early breast cancer detection in this article from the American Cancer Society.

For the Clean Graffiti campaign, we travelled to three cities (Winston Salem, Salisbury, Huntersville) and five areas in Charlotte, NC (Uptown, Ballantyne, Southpark, Piper Glen, Arboreteum) to help spread this health initiative. We love the play on sunscreen and the hot southern summers that we have in Charlotte, NC.

Clean Graffiti is a unique element of a media buy for Novant Health because there is a social element that is involved. We try to create messages that will make people stop & smile. As a society, we are bombarded with thousands of images every single day. It’s overwhelming (and easy to tune things out). Our natural form of media is unexpected, eco-friendly and can often encourage people to post to their social media platform. It’s always nice to see people post about a campaign on Instagram, just like @mamfrancis did (see below).

Street art campaign for Novant Health

Clean Graffiti helps create social media interaction for clients. (photo @mamfrancis in Instagram) #thesavageway

We are thrilled to work with progressive companies who are able to tie in natural media into their overall company message. Our projects with Novant Health have been fun, educational and a new way for people to hear about this important health screening.