We had the joy of creating a really cool Moss Art wall for our client, Collective NoDa. This was the first (of many) huge art installations that we’ve done. Our friends at Southpark Interiors wanted us to create something epic for their common area. The best part about working with this interior design team is that they allow our creativity to flow. Our imagination can run wild because we do not have hard parameters set or a mold we have to fit into. They graciously gave us a 18′ wide x 13′ tall wall to play with and boy did we have fun!

Collective NoDa is an apartment complex that highlights so many amazing local artists and is one of the most vibrant places we’ve ever walked into. So of course, our brains wanted to incorporate as many colors as possible for this commissioned piece. We played off of some of the other geometric patterns found around The Collective, and created a one-of-a-kind pop-art Moss Wall.

Getting ready for install day! See you soon Collective NoDa.

Pop Art made with Moss. #thesavageway

It’s install day for this 18′ x 13′ Moss Art wall.

two smiling business owners point at their moss art labor of love going up in an apartment complex.

Torrie Savage & Paula Bartlett, #thesavageway owners, on site for the moss wall install.

Close up picture of four different moss colors that #thesavageway created for Collective NoDa.

It’s all in the details. Moss Art by #thesavageway.

All the colors of moss for this luxury apartment in NoDa, Charlotte, NC.

Pop Art Moss Wall by #thesavageway

Modern common area in Collective NoDa.

This piece had 21 geometric shapes, some fitting together and some wild and free on the wall. We LOVE the end result and how Southpark Interiors has decorated the entire space. Want to stop by and see the work or learn more about Collective NoDa? Check out their website.