Queen City Animal Hospital (QCAH) is one of the most modern and beautifully designed veterinary offices we’ve ever seen. By rehabilitating an old grocery store in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte, NC, the team behind QCAH has been able to preserve a bit of history while created a new and stunning space.


Our team was contracted to bring some greenery into the lobby space of this vet clinic. Through a collaboration between the interior designer, our creative team and our woodworkers, 8Lincoln30, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind Moss Art partition wall. And it is gorgeous!

This Moss Wall is double sided and framed so that every visitor gets the moss experience while they are waiting with their fur babies. 8Lincoln30 did a great job of creating the wood base and metal rods that hold the preserved moss. Beyond the visual look of the Moss Wall, our preserved moss has a natural sounds absorbing quality to help the acoustics in the room. And the best part – it requires no maintenance. There is no need to sunlight, drainage or water. The Moss Wall will maintain its beauty for years to come.


We also had the opportunity to create a custom logo for Queen City Animal Hospital. We love the logo that their team created. It’s a great play on a dog’s paw print and the Queen City crown. By using our darker, forest green moss on the logo, we are able to balance out the greens in the space. We also love how the aluminum lettering turned out on the reclaimed wood wall. Seriously, this space has so many amazing design elements.


Queen City Animal Hospital is now accepting patients of all kinds. They offer a ton of services, including wellness & preventative care, surgical services, exotic pet medicine, telemedicine, laser therapy and emergency care. Read more about it here. This location is perfect for anyone who lives in the Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Villa Heights, Belmont or Optimist Park neighborhoods. Give them a call. Your fur babies will be ever so grateful!

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