PARA CLT is a Charlotte hotspot known for great food, cocktails and gorgeous atmosphere. The owners wanted to bring a different experience to the Queen City and it absolutely gives Miami, New York or Las Vegas vibes. Para is short for ‘imparable’ which means unstoppable and that is what this restaurant is, it’s shaking up the game. They embraced bringing plants and art into their space from local creatives (aka us – The Savage Way) from the onset of their launch. Originally, we created a 12′ w x 8.5′ h gorgeous preserved Fern Wall with the PARA logo centered in gold to set the tone for the dining experience – lush, unexpected, unique. It even garnered a celebrity sighting or two.

The co-owners of PARA are always ones to keep people on their toes and it was time to do something fresh and new for the space. We were elated to be asked again to help bring some natural beauty into PARA. The restaurant group owners asked our team to create a piece that would reflect how we are all feeling about these wild times, and all are proud to showcase it. It’s a preserved reindeer moss piece called: Self Reflection: You are entirely up to you.

PARA CLT new Moss Art for their South End Charlotte restaurant.

More about the piece: 

Self Reflection: You are entirely up to you.

Look at yourself. Like truly stop and take a look in the mirror. Are you showing up daily how you want to? Are you doing your best? Are you using your time wisely? Are you taking care of your health? What in your life is holding you back? How can you be more present for others? What relationships can go deeper? These are the questions you need to answer to be able to better your circumstances. And the beautiful reality is that you get to decide.

You get to choose or choose again and again and again until the change that you dreamed of is your reality. You are entirely up to you. And as a collective, if we all look inward to better ourselves, then we can show up for others in such an authentic and beautiful way. This life will just get better and better the more self reflection we do.

Size: 12’ w x 8.5’ h, inset into the main dining wall | Moss: Preserved Reindeer Moss in four colors

More on the Spring Refresh at PARA CLT

Best of all, the PARA team just launched their spring menu, and it is heavenly. Check out these fresh dishes with TONS of options for gluten-free and vegan friends. Left: PARA CHAAT (chickpea, yogurt, pomegranate, masala chips, apple butter, mint, puffed rice) Middle: “POKE” (vegan, “feta,” watermelon, avocado, orange, seaweed, crisps) Right: BROCCOLI (edamame hummus, miso honey, peanut, boondi).
When you hit them up for the “Poke” dish, make sure to admire the new Moss Art and let us know what you think! More at