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In June of 2017, #thesavageway was hired to do Clean Graffiti in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA. We worked with HMH Agency for their client the Trimet, the public transportation system of Portland & Vancouver, to bring awareness to their new fast pass payment system. This blog details our trip!

Flight to Portland, OR

Flying into one of the most beautiful cities, Portland, OR, to do some Clean Graffiti work. #DreamJob

This summer, Torrie & I had the chance to travel across the country to do some Clean Graffiti for our client, HMH Agency. Let me say that again, we travelled over 2,700 miles to complete eco-friendly advertising in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! I still have a hard time believing this is reality.

Portland, OR had been on my personal bucket list since high school and it has been on our professional bucket list for at least 4 years. The culture, nature, the vegan food (!), the dirt & mold (perfect for Clean Graffiti) – Portland seemed like such an oasis.

When we finally booked the job, not only were we excited to travel, but we could not have been more excited for the initiative that it supported. We were supporting the Trimet, Oregon’s public transportation system, and their Hop Fast Pass program that was launching in Fall 2017. By using Clean Graffiti in Portland, OR, we were able to communicate with an over-stimulated public in a subtle, relatable way. We placed the Clean Graffiti spots around popular bus stops and light rail stops.

We used 4 different stencils that featured ” The Spokesblob” of the Trimet. This character was already being used in other outdoor media buys; billboards, magazine ads, sides of busses, etc. It made sense to bring that same “Spokesblob” to the sidewalk since the masses were already use to them. It was a subtle enough message to be well-accepted by every passerby.

Trimet Hop Fast Pass

Image from the MyHopFastPass website featuring the Spokesblob that we used in the Clean Graffiti.

Reverse Graffiti in Portland

Clean Graffiti for the Trimet in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA. #thesavageway

Sidewalk Ads in Portland, OR by #thesavageway

More photos of the Clean Graffiti work #thesavageway completed in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA.

We had a wonderful experience working with HMH Agency on this campaign. They have offices in both Charlotte, NC & Portland, OR so our communication flowed effortlessly. We were honored that they wanted to bring our Clean Graffiti to their clients and truly use the medium as a communication tool.

Portland & Vancouver made the perfect canvas for our work with Clean Graffiti. The climate, as well as the eco-friendly mentality of the West Coast, made Portland a new market for #thesavageway. We saw endless opportunities to use our creative, out-of-the-box advertising medium.

Yes, we were in town for work, but we definitely made time to explore and enjoy the beauty that is Oregon and Washington. A few of the highlights included:

thesavageway owners in Belltown Seattle

Torrie & Paula of #thesavageway having an afternoon lunch in Belltown, Seattle, WA.

#thesavageway takes the West Coast

Some of our West Coast Clean Graffiti Tour Adventures in Portland, OR & Seatlle, WA. #thesavageway

Scenery from the West Coast

Portland, OR & Seattle, WA are simply gorgeous! #thesavageway

Clean Graffiti Tour picures

We are obsessed with the West Coast: l to r (Portland Sign, Clean Graffiit for Trimet, Torrie doing some yoga on Cannon Beach, Vtopia Cheese Board *all vegan)

Natural Media Queens on a Clean Graffiti Tour

Clean Graffiti allows us to travel and see so many amazing places, like Portland, Vancouver & Seattle. #thesavageway

It is an amazing feeling to know that something we created, Clean Graffiti, is not only fueling our business on the East Coast, but we now have a presence on the other side of the nation. We are actively seeking clients in the Portland area and are open and excited for the next work trip we take to the West Coast.