APCO Worldwide hired #thesavageway to apply some Clean Graffiti for the Germany Week Festival at Daley Plaza

We had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago, IL to complete a Clean Graffiti job for Wunderbar Together and APCO Worldwide. Wunderbar Together is an year-long celebration of the German-American friendship.

A little more about the Wunderbar Together initiative from the campaign website, “Working with over 200 partners, we are showcasing our close bonds in over 1,000 events in all 50 states. We are painting a picture of everything German-American relations stand for, including science, the arts, culture, language, business, and sports. We want to create an exchange of ideas with all Americans, not only in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, but also in the heart of the country.”

The Germany Week festival in Daley Plaza featured concerts, food stations, sports and film screenings, as well as interactive activities in arts, language, engineering, science, and more! All events were free and open to the public.

We created a highly targeted campaign around the week-long festival location, Daley Plaza, in Downtown Chicago. By placing these eco-friendly, water-based sidewalk messages around the actual event space, we helped to bring awareness to the festival. It was fun to scour the city for dirty sidewalks and select spots that made sense for the client.

Check out some of the photos from this reverse graffiti campaign in Downtown Chicago below.

Clean Message on a dirty sidewalk for Wunderbar Together.

Clean Graffiti by #thesavageway in Chicago, IL for Germany Week.

Two people walking past a Clean Graffiti spot in Chicago, IL.

These spots were placed near the event location in high foot-traffic areas.

Woman with long brown hair and a black puffy coat stops to take a photo of the reverse graffiti on the sidewalk.

Taking photos of the Wunderbar Together Clean Graffiti for social media.

Street view of reverse graffiti on the streets of Chicago near Daley Plaza.

Chicago, IL is now one of the 59 cities that #thesavageway has completed a Clean Graffiti job.

It is such an amazing feeling to bring our medium to a new city. We want to see our Clean Graffiti across the nation. These eco-friendly messages are such a great way to bring awareness to a brand or an event. They provide a temporary solution for outdoor signage in a big city. And the best part is that they are made with water. That’r right. It’s. Just. Water.

Thanks for being awesome, Chicago! We hope to see you again soon.