Every month, The Savage Way has the honor of gifting a Bolt of Inspiration during Creative Mornings, which is run by the awesome organization, Charlotte is Creative. If you’re not familiar with Creative Mornings, it is a morning social gathering to embrace the creative community. We talk about important issues facing our arts & culture initiatives and enjoy a fun coffee-fueled program.

The Bolt of Inspiration is one of our favorite things to do each month. It is a chance to highlight people in the community who inspire us or who are doing awesome, creative work. Torrie gets up every month and presents a 12″ Moss Art bolt to a different recipient. Since the program’s inception, more than 40 Charlotteans have been recognized with a Bolt of Inspiration. It’s opened our eyes to so many interesting and impactful humans.

Photo credit: Dionna Bright Photography

Torrie presenting the award at a previous Creative Mornings at Wray Ward.

Starting in March 2023, we welcomed our friends at UNC Charlotte as the lead sponsor of the Bolt of Inspiration award. This was a natural partnership between Charlotte is Creative, The Savage Way and UNC Charlotte. We’ve worked with the University on several Moss Art and Clean Graffiti projects over the years These include the Dubois Center Moss Wall and Mobile Moss Wall (pictured below), along with other projects like Niner Nation Week Clean Graffiti (also pictured below) and two Moss Rental Walls for their alumni event.

With Torrie as a proud graduate of UNC Charlotte (Go Niners!), it was even sweeter to know that the school sees the hard work that creatives in our community are putting in. Check out this beautiful feature that UNC Charlotte did on Torrie Savage and The Savage Way.

Previous work of The Savage Way and UNC Charlotte.

We can’t wait to see how this sponsorship helps grow the Bolt of Inspiration program. UNC Charlotte – thank you for the opportunity to continue shining the light on Creatives in Charlotte.

If you want to nominate a local Charlottean for a Bolt of Inspiration, send us an email at [email protected] with the cool, creative things that they are up to and we will review!