This is Part Two in a Five part series diving into Clean Graffiti in the Queen City. Clean Graffiti is a service that #thesavageway offers; it is a unique, green form of advertising available since 2012. With several clients in the books, it is time to reflect on the practice. This piece is about the Eco-Friendly Aspect of Clean Graffiti.

“We’re going Green,” said every boss and every CEO across the nation in 2013. Environmentalism has become a hot topic for almost every business and industry (as it should) and Charlotte was no stranger to these initiatives.

The Charlotte Convention Center  has an entire section dedicated to Green efforts within their facility.  Members of several networking groups like the Charlotte Green Team and Green Drinks Charlotte meet every month to discuss how their respective businesses can become more eco-friendly. Needless-to-say, the Green movement is here to stay (Yay!)

Many companies are incorporating CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility into their business models in order to become a “Greener” business. What is CSR? Click here for more info. Methods include utilizing recyclable products, using renewable energy or simply educating customers on how to better reduce and reuse. However, there is also a need for eco-friendly advertising and marketing initiatives and that is where #thesavageway’s Clean Graffiti comes in.

Examples of other industry leaders utilizing Clean Graffiti.

Clean Graffiti is an eco-friendly and green form of advertising. These branded, positive messages are strategically placed on dirty sidewalks and a clean message remains.

There are many reasons for a company (large or small) to utilize Clean Graffiti. Not only is this an innovative and creative way to get your marketing initiatives out to the public in a place that you typically would not be able to have a message, but there is no use of any harmful chemicals or sprays – It’s Just Water!

#thesavageway is very good at analyzing a company’s need and translating that message into a creative branded message in strategic locations across the city. When a company chooses to use this sustainable form of marketing, they are able to brand themselves as an eco-friendly business that uses CSR practices.

Clean Graffiti #thesavageway

#thesavageway examples of Clean Graffiti promoting Corporate Social Responsibility.

Charlotte has already seen an influx of eco-friendly initiatives and businesses and it is only going to increase as time goes on. Clean Graffiti is #thesavageway’s contribution to the Green Movement!