Reverse Graffiti New Orleans

Clean Graffiti, New Orleans, LA for Truly Good Foods. #thesavageway

New Market for Clean Graffiti, New Orleans

As a company, we have done Clean Graffiti work in over 50 cities, including New York, Boston, Portland, Vancouver, Richmond and all over North Carolina. We are on a mission to bring our innovative marketing tactic to more cities and more clients. So when we got the call to travel to Louisiana for a new job, we were elated. A new market opened up for Clean Graffiti, New Orleans.

We partnered with Truly Good Foods, a women-owned business specializing in snack foods, to help promote one of their clients at a food show. Buffalo Nuts was exhibiting at the NOLA Convention Center for the 2017 PMA Summit and they wanted to stand out from all of the other participants. Enter Clean Graffiti.

Our Clean Graffiti spots are eco-friendly messages using only dirty concrete and high-pressure water. Yep – it’s just water. We put down the reverse graffiti spots around all of the hotels and main thoroughfares where the conference attendees would be going. These ten spots had the message, “ Snack Bold.” @TrulyGoodFoods PMA Booth #4008. “Snack Bold” is not only Buffalo Nuts tagline, but it was eye catching on the ground. The Clean Graffiti message also indicated their social media handle and location in the Convention Center. Using Clean Graffiti for a Trade Show Convention was a great guerrilla marketing tactic for the retail company.

New Orleans Street Ads

New Orleans was the perfect city for Clean Graffiti. #thesavageway

Clean Graffiti in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, a city with great dirt for Clean Graffiti. #thesavageway

This was the first trip to New Orleans for both of us (personally or professionally). And talk about a city with some history. We loved walking around the Garden District, Frenchmen Street, seeing all of the random parades and just taking in all of the historic sites. The first thing we said when we arrived in the Central Business District was, “ Holy crap New Orleans has some good dirt!!” (seems like a random fact to notice, but in our line of work, we are always on the lookout for beautiful, dirty cities.

New Orleans is proving to be hot market for us and our Clean Graffiti adventures. We look forward to continuing to bring our unconventional marketing tactic to The Big Easy.

#thesavageway in New Orleans, LA

See you soon New Orleans! Love, #thesavageway