Our Moss Art offerings have grown and evolved over time. We started out making custom moss logos, and now we are working hand-in-hand with interior designers and architects to include Moss Art into the plans for new buildings. Recently, our friends over at Southpark Interiors hired us to create two gradient Moss Walls for a luxury apartment complex.

Three30Five is a newly remodeled apartment in South End and they have lot of great things to offer residents. Check out some of their amenities. We LOVED creating the Three30Five Moss Walls for their upstairs lounge area. Since our moss is preserved, there is no need for any ongoing maintenance; no watering, no sunlight, no drainage needed.

These Moss Art walls were a labor of love from our team. Measuring 3′ x 8′ and 5′ x 8′, our team was able to conquer the gradient pattern throughout the entire piece. Check it out.

Two moss walls in forest green and chartreuse green, the one on the right had the numbers 335 inset.

Moss Walls by #thesavageway for Three30Five in Charlotte, NC.

Preserved moss walls require no maintenance. Just enjoy, like art!

Close up picture of forest green moss and chartreuse moss intersecting to make a gradient pattern.

Moss gradient pattern for Charlotte, NC local apartment company Three30Five.

close up of wooden number "5" inset into a moss art wall

Love the detail of the inset wood letters inside the moss art.

Two smiling women pose in front of the preserved moss art wall that they helped to create.

#thesavageway Moss Artists, Brooke Burch and Ashley Schewzyk, pose in front of the Three30Five Moss Art wall in South End.

As our moss offerings continue to expand, we look forward to all of the creativity that it will unleash in us. The possibilities truly are endless. Our approach to using preserved moss is to create pieces that are modern, pop art. Lot of fun colors and designs. Stay tuned for all of the fun upcoming projects we have in the works!