Charlotte FC Launches Inaugural Season With Clean Graffiti

Charlotte FC Launches Inaugural Season With Clean Graffiti

Charlotte is now officially a soccer city, and we are here for it! Charlotte FC, our city’s first professional MLS team, has taken the Queen City by storm. Did you catch the last game against Nashville SC? Our guys electrified the arena with a 4-1 win! It was incredible.


Here at The Savage Way, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Charlotte FC on a Clean Graffiti campaign. Our guerilla style of outdoor advertising was used to create some hype around the inaugural season and asked the important question, “Are You Ready to Party?!” We placed 18 Clean Graffiti spots in high foot-traffic areas to spread the word. Spots ended up in areas such as Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Elizabeth, Uptown, and Wesley Heights.

Eight photo collage of Clean Graffiti (a pressure washed message on a sidewalk) for Charlotte FC in Charlotte, NC.


The design of the stencil for this reverse graffiti campaign consisted of a crown, along with the words “Are You Ready to Party?” and the Instagram handle; @charlottefc. The four-point crown represents the team’s logo, the tagline enhances the energy, and the handle is so you can connect with the team first hand. This eco-friendly medium is an innovative way to connect with the audience.

Photo of a feet standing near a Clean Graffiti message that reads "Are you ready to Party? @CharlotteFC" on a sidewalk in Charlotte, NC.

The Savage Way placed a Clean Graffiti spot for Charlotte FC on the Uptown streets of Charlotte, NC.

Clean Graffiti is created by making a contrast on the sidewalk using high pressure water over a custom stencil. (A Clean Message on a Dirty Sidewalk as we always say).  Not only is reverse graffiti eco-friendly, but it’s an eye-catching message that can be used for brand awareness campaigns, events or a call-to-action. The spots can be placed anywhere a sidewalk is present making it not only creative, but accessible to everyone. 

So yeah, we are ready to party! The energy that Charlotte FC is bringing to this city is palpable. Stoked to have another team to cheer for! Learn more about Charlotte FC and get game updates on their website & Instagram.


Green Wall for Para, New Restaurant in Charlotte

Green Wall for Para, New Restaurant in Charlotte

If you live in Charlotte, NC, then you’ve certainly seen the hot new restaurant with the jungle vibes making its way around the internet by now. This is Para and we had the honor of creating some really special moments of interior design with our Moss Art. One of the owners is Chet Desai and he has been a client and friend of The Savage Way for years now. When we first started this company (and when we were still doing social media and marketing work) we helped him open Stache House & Lounge in Southend. Well things have come full circle as we were able to help him on his latest restaurant venture, Para.

We created two standout green wall moments for this contemporary, modern style restaurant and bar. The desire was to feel like you were walking into a lush and luxurious establishment like you would in Miami or NYC – but right here in the Queen City. Para will deliver a globally influenced menu built from fresh, high-quality ingredients – a little something for everyone.

Now for the Green Walls…The Moss Art

The first is this 12’w x 8.5’h gorgeous fern, foliage and moss wall that showcases the Para logo in gold painted letters. Green walls made of moss and other preserved plants are ideal for clients who want the look and feel of a plant wall but do not want to be concerned with maintaining it or killing the plants. All of the plants that you see have gone through an extensive preservation process so there is no need for water, drainage, sunlight or a costly maintenance package. We love how this piece acts as a center piece for the restaurant.

Green Wall for Charlotte, NC restaurant

Inside view of new restaurant, Para, featuring a lush green moss wall

The second moss installation we created was a green wall for the bar fronts on the opposite side of the building. In total it is over 90 sqft of coverage. Using sheet moss, mood moss and reindeer moss, all preserved, we created this dimensional, textural, plant look to help tie into the lux feel of the entire place.

Moss Art covered bar front for Para.

close up detail of preserved moss for the Para Green Wall

Para Charlotte features huge green moss walls made by The savage way

We also created this custom Mood Moss channel that lives behind the banquette seating. Just another little nod to the beauty of nature and the care and effort that went into every nook and cranny of Para.

Mood Moss Channel in Para

We are always honored to have repeat customers and to have a client that trusts us to help bring a vision on paper into real life. Cheers to grand openings (officially open 1/19/22), cheers to using mother nature in interior design and cheers to friends bringing their dreams to life.

Three30Five Moss Walls Go Up in South End

Three30Five Moss Walls Go Up in South End

Our Moss Art offerings have grown and evolved over time. We started out making custom moss logos, and now we are working hand-in-hand with interior designers and architects to include Moss Art into the plans for new buildings. Recently, our friends over at Southpark Interiors hired us to create two gradient Moss Walls for a luxury apartment complex.

Three30Five is a newly remodeled apartment in South End and they have lot of great things to offer residents. Check out some of their amenities. We LOVED creating the Three30Five Moss Walls for their upstairs lounge area. Since our moss is preserved, there is no need for any ongoing maintenance; no watering, no sunlight, no drainage needed.

These Moss Art walls were a labor of love from our team. Measuring 3′ x 8′ and 5′ x 8′, our team was able to conquer the gradient pattern throughout the entire piece. Check it out.

Two moss walls in forest green and chartreuse green, the one on the right had the numbers 335 inset.

Moss Walls by #thesavageway for Three30Five in Charlotte, NC.

Preserved moss walls require no maintenance. Just enjoy, like art!

Close up picture of forest green moss and chartreuse moss intersecting to make a gradient pattern.

Moss gradient pattern for Charlotte, NC local apartment company Three30Five.

close up of wooden number "5" inset into a moss art wall

Love the detail of the inset wood letters inside the moss art.

Two smiling women pose in front of the preserved moss art wall that they helped to create.

#thesavageway Moss Artists, Brooke Burch and Ashley Schewzyk, pose in front of the Three30Five Moss Art wall in South End.

As our moss offerings continue to expand, we look forward to all of the creativity that it will unleash in us. The possibilities truly are endless. Our approach to using preserved moss is to create pieces that are modern, pop art. Lot of fun colors and designs. Stay tuned for all of the fun upcoming projects we have in the works!

Hello, 2019!

Hello, 2019!

2018 was a big year for us, and 2019 is going to be even bigger. In case you need an update on what exactly #thesavageway is up to these days, here is a little about us.

Owners of #thesavageway, two smiling women in their 30s are posing on low-rider purple bicycles in front of a colorful #ExploreYour704 Mural at NoDa Brewing Company.
Torrie Savage (left) and Paula Bartlett (right) are the owners of #thesavageway, a creative marketing company based in Charlotte, NC.


#thesavageway is the brainchild of two women: Torrie Savage and Paula Bartlett. Established in 2012, this creative duo has grown a business that flourishes on the unexpected in the marketing world. From Clean Graffiti to Moss Art, #thesavageway is anything but ordinary. Positive attitudes, earth-friendly and fun, this team will make your business standout.

We call ourselves a creative agency because what we do is highly creative. We love pushing ourselves to approach marketing in a different way. Our goal is to always create partnerships with our clients and to create fun, eye-catching campaigns or art that will create a buzz.



If you live in or around Charlotte, you’ve definitely seen our Clean Graffiti work on the sidewalks. Using a stencil and a pressure washer, we create targeted marketing campaigns for clients in an untapped location – the sidewalk. These creative messages are made using only water – no bleach, no acid, no paint – It’s. Just. Water.

Here are some fast facts:

  • We have worked in over 55 cities including New York City, Boston, Portland, OR, New Orleans, and many more.
  • One of the campaigns we created for our partner OrthoCarolina, The Free Workout, is an award-winning marketing campaign by Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society
  • We work in a variety of industries, but have seen huge success in the healthcare, public communication and development realms.
  • We are the leaders in the United States for reverse graffiti. Our duel marketing background allows us to create a fresh campaign from start to finish that correlates with other brand advertising initiatives and creates a full-circle plan.
  • Will travel anywhere in the USA!
6 images of Clean Graffiti by #thesavageway. these creative messages on the sidewalk are created using just a stencil and a pressure washer.
A sampling of 2018 Clean Graffiti jobs by #thesavageway.
8 reverse graffiti images created by #thesavageway. These clean messages on a dirty sidewalk are used to bring attention to brands like OrthoCarolina, Carolina Hurricanes, NCDOT, Novel NoDa and LGA.
A variety of reverse graffiti campaigns from #thesavageway in 2018 including jobs for
OrthoCarolina, Carolina Hurricanes, NCDOT, Novel NoDa and LGA.


Moss Art is made by using preserved plants to bring a company logo or design element to life. And what we consistently hear from our clients is that they love that our product requires absolutely zero maintenance. That’s right…no watering, drainage or sunlight required!

Our Moss Art work spans both the corporate and residential realm, however, we find that the corporate side is our primary focus. We hold our clients’ hands from the beginning and guide them to what will be the best decision for their space.

Fast Facts:

  • We’ve created pieces for restaurants, hotels, law firms, finance firms, apartment complexes, CBD shops, coworking spaces, and events.
  • We’ve sent our work to New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Alabama, Connecticut, Ohio and all over North Carolina.
  • Moss Art is maintenance-free – meaning it requires no water, light, drainage or ongoing care.
  • Moss is a natural humidity indicator.
  • All of our moss is handpicked and harvested.
4 images of different Moss Art projects that #thesavageway created in 2018. Moss Art is created using preserved moss and brings mother nature inside.
GoTriangle of Durham, NC, UNC Charlotte, TEDx Charlotte and SouthPark Interiors all used Moss Art by #thesavageway in 2018.
Four images of Moss Art by #thesavageway for including the Craft Cackes CLT logo in forest green moss, the Charlotte CBD logo, a Charlotte skyline made of moss, and a TCG logo covered in moss for The Creative Group.
More Moss Art jobs by #thesavageway.
Four Moss Art images including a moss wall for Zeppelin, a forest green logo for Graham St. Pub, a smiling girl with a floral cardigan  holding a monogram CNS in moss and a moss sign that reads OBrien on an easel at a wedding.
Moss Art for local Charlotte restaurants Zeppelin and Graham St. Pub and two custom wedding signs in 2018.


What does Creative Marketing mean to us? Anything and everything. We are the people that you call when you have a crazy idea and you need someone to bring it to life. We LOVE when we get a random phone call that starts with… “#thesavageway was the first team that came to mind.”

We help with staffing promo teams, street teams, creating brand ambassadors, conceptualizing guerilla marketing tactics for large corporations, and developing robust out-of-the-box pitch ideas.

Fast Facts:

  • We have a fully staffed team ready to hit the streets at your event.
  • Our highly trained brand ambassadors are great representatives for your company.
  • We’ve created a roaming billboard bike for Charlotte Center City Partners
  • We have worked with Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas Healthcare System) on a month-long Cardiovascular outreach campaign.
four pictures showcasing the Creative Marketing services of #thesavageway - smiling girl holding a poster, a billboard advertising bicycle, 8 women in head to toe pink suits representing the 1 in 8 women who get breast cancer, and a group of smiling women behind a photobooth for Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas Healthcare)
Various Creative Marketing efforts by #thesavageway.

We are #thesavageway. We’re not your typical creative house. We constantly push ourselves to think differently. We approach campaigns with different lenses. We are excited about what we do. And we want to work with companies that push the line. Brands that are looking to stand out, create a social buzz, and break out of the same-ole-same-ole are exactly who were are looking to partner with in 2019.

We’re jazzed up about our current projects. But more importantly, we’re ready for you!

Custom Charlotte Crown by #thesavageway

Custom Charlotte Crown by #thesavageway

green moss crown

Custom Moss Art Charlotte Crown by #thesavageway.

The Charlotte Crown has never looked so good! We adore this Custom Moss Art piece that we created for a client in their 4th Ward home in Charlotte, NC. This piece is almost 3′ wide and fits perfectly in the foyer entrance of this neighborhood high rise.

The beauty of an original Moss Art piece by #thesavageway is that you get all of the beauty and greenery of a living wall / plant, but without any of the maintenance. That’s right. We use preserved moss so there is no need to water or leave the art near sunlight. We have perfectly crafted the artwork to maintain its color and texture for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about this Crown Moss Art or something that you are dreaming up in your head, please shoot us an email (! We love to be creative with clients and find a way to make your office lobby, conference room, or home foyer look way cooler (and greener!).

green sign

Love the detail of this custom artwork for a client. #thesavageweay

moss art charlotte, NC

It’s all in the details with Moss Art by #thesavageway.

Moss Art Details

Moss Art is better than a living wall because there is no maintenance or watering required. Just enjoy. #thesavageway

Yoga One Spreads Message of Love

Yoga One Spreads Message of Love

What does your business promote? When we had the chance to do a Clean Graffiti campaign with local Charlotte yoga studio, Yoga One, they knew exactly what they wanted to put out into the world; Love one another. Such a simple, yet profound statement.

Sidewalk Messages for Yoga One.

Clean Graffiti for Charlotte yoga studio, Yoga One in the Dilworth & Plaza Midwood areas.

thesavageway Clean Graffiti Yoga One

Such a positive way to use Clean Graffiti. Yoga One spreads Love One Another message. #thesavageway

Love One Another Sidewalk Art

Clean Graffiti campaign for Yoga One in Charlotte, NC. #thesavageway

We placed 12 Clean Graffiti spots around their two studios, located in Plaza Midwood and the newly opened studio in Dilworth. Using a play on their logo, as well as the phrase that represents the lifeline of their wellness practice, Yoga One was able to connect with the public in a subtle, relatable way. We received several Instagram messages from people who spotted a Clean Graffiti spot and snapped a pic.

Revere Graffiti for Yoga One

Instagram message from Amber Miller (@amberjenelle) after she spotted the Yoga One message of love. #thesavageway

Kudos to this amazing company for harnessing the power of positivity on the sidewalk.

NoDa Brewing Company Hiring

NoDa Brewing Company Hiring


Paula & Torrie of #thesavageway hosting a Google Hangout for NoDa Brewing Company beer lovers.

NoDa Brewing Company is looking to hire a full time Social Media Strategist in the Charlotte, NC area. That’s right, NoDa Brewing Company, one of the original and most award-winning breweries in the area is growing their team. The question becomes, who is going to fill these creative shoes? This woman/man will be working for a family-owned company that values quality beer and quality people. From the NoDa Brewing website:

“After the beer, NoDa Brewing Company is all about our people. Whether they help make the beer, sell the beer or serve the beer, every person here is a vital part of our culture and makes what we do more enjoyable on a day-to-day basis. Without these people there is no NoDa Brewing.”

ABOUT NODA BREWING COMPANY: NoDa Brewing Company was opened in 2011 with a 15 bbl brewhouse (2229 N. Davidson St., Charlotte) and in late 2015, opened a second production location (2921 N. Tryon, Charlotte), with tap room, housing its 60 bbl brewhouse.  NoDa Brewing currently has seven year-round beers with multiple seasonal offerings available on-tap at local bars & restaurants and the brewery’s tap rooms including five year-round can options.  Look and ask for NoDa on tap at your local restaurant and bar.  For more, visit

Exterior of NoDa Brewing Company

NoDa Brewing Company is hiring a Social Media Strategist. Apply today to

We are honored to be helping the NoDa Brewing Company crew find this social media leader. You can find the job description and application items below or at the Charlotte Agenda Job Posting here. Please DO NOT CONTACT NODA BREWING ABOUT THIS JOB (they are busy making delicious beer and helping the Charlotte community). That is what we (#thesavageway) are here for! Email us at and provide with all the info below. We will be in touch! Cheers!

Position: Social Media Strategist
Company: NoDa Brewing Company
Status: Full Time
Rate: Salary, based on experience
Benefits: Company paid Medial Benefits (the first of the month following start date), Paid Vacation and Sick Benefits, 401k Benefits, Company provided Computer & Phone

The Social Media Strategist will be the voice and storyteller of NoDa Brewing Company. This role requires a person to be thoughtful, creative, community-based, engaging and a problem-solver. The ideal candidate can both take a beautiful Instagram picture and articulate the complexities of a beer in a blog post – all while being on-brand. Community is a big part of the NoDa Brewing Company and the candidate will need to integrate themselves into the beer community with a positive attitude.


-Manage the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high quality content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Etc
-Become a storyteller for the brand while still implementing brand standards
-Ensure that consumer social media experiences align with overall company goals and visions
-Occasionally promote content through social advertising

-Execute day-to-day, real-time consumer communications through social media – Focus will change with days, months, seasons, and industry events
-Communicate with all fans and followers via social media to create a strong network (i.e. replying to all comments/inquires and starting organic conversations)
-Implement and understand hashtags – be able to create and manage campaigns

-Create a regular publishing schedule
-Implement an editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns
-Design social media strategies to achieve marketing goals

-Analyze traffic trends and develop recommendations and strategies for improvement (i.e. implement roadmap for increasing engagement/followers, ideal number and style of posts, measures for success)
-Conduct monthly social media and website analysis and summary report

-2-3 years Social Media Marketing experience, Bachelors Degree Required

-Strong, professional written and verbal communication skills with an attention to detail.
-In-depth understanding of Internet trends (memes, viral marketing strategies, new technology, internet lingo) and ability to apply these to everyday tasks.
-Working knowledge of current video & photo editing apps (this of course goes along with knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook – you know, the basics).
-Must be enthusiastic (you’d be working for a brewery – this should be the easy part!)

-Must be self-driven & manage time efficiently.
-Ability to use the right and the left sides of your brain. We need you to be wildly creative, but also strategic with a good eye for detail.
-Being social is a huge plus. NoDa Brewing drives engagement by engaging partners, influencers and beer drinkers where they are. A big part of the job will be actively interacting with people and companies talking about NoDa Brewing online and IRL.
-Have a finger on the pulse of the craft beer industry as well as relevant lifestyle and media trends. (oh and a love for craft beer is strongly preferred).

If you’re interested, please forward your resume and answer the following questions in an email to DO NOT CONTACT THE BREWERY!!!

  1. Why do you want to work for a brewery?
  2. If you had 8 hours free time, what would you do?
  3. What’s your favorite beer style and why?
  4. What are 2 items on your “bucket list”?
  5. If you could grab a beer with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?