Picture this. You’re running along your normal running path and you quickly approach that elusive runner’s wall that makes you want to stop and take a break. Then, all of a sudden you come across a message on the sidewalk that pushes you to finish the race.

“Today you will inspire someone. TRi-Yon Performance”

Clean Graffiti by #thesavageway/TRi-Yon Performance

Clean Graffiti campaign targeting runners in the Charlotte area sponsored by TRi-Yon Performance.

This is the scenario that local Charlotte celebrity and WBTV news anchor, Brigida Mack, found herself in a few weeks ago as she was training for a road race.

Mack posted on her hugely popular Facebook and Instagram accounts a Clean Graffiti message sponsored by TRi Yon Performance, “Saw this on my run this morning & it def got me through the second half of my 10K! #wordstoliveby #Hot100 #weberunning”

Clean Graffiti found by Charlotte celebrity Brigida Mack

Charlotte’s WBTV news anchor Brigida Mack spots Clean Graffiti on her run.

Clean Graffiti (also known as reverse graffiti) is an eco-friendly and green form of advertising. These branded, positive messages are strategically placed on dirty sidewalks and a clean message remains. Not only is this an innovative and creative way to get a business’ marketing initiatives out to the public in a place that you typically would not be able to have a logo or message, but there is no use of any harmful chemicals or sprays – It is just water!

TRi-Yon Performance and #thesavageway collaborated on this Clean Graffiti project to put down these inspirational running messages along popular running paths in Charlotte. The message was simple, “Today, you will inspire someone.”

“When you are training for a race, a lot of times you forget that what YOU are doing becomes an inspiration to others,” said Mack. “You are so focused on making it another mile, another day and eating clean that you forget the effect that your journey has on other people.”

Exercising is very much a mental activity, and that is exactly what trainer Jamey Yon was targeting when doing this Clean Graffiti campaign. He wanted his athletes to be surprised as they were on their normal running path. Clean Graffiti was an unexpected source of motivation to help push through to the finish line.

Mack agreed, “It was really cool to see! My first thought was how unique it was and once it settled in, it pushed me up the hill.”

The goal of this Clean Graffiti campaign was to give a little inspiration and positivity to Charlotte area athletes in an unexpected way. We would say it was a success! So the next time you are on your daily run, keep an eye out for that unexpected motivation from the sidewalks.