What do you get when you mix Art, Dirt and Messaging?? What you get is Clean Graffiti – or a Clean Message on a Dirty Sidewalk! #thesavageway has been given the opportunity to present our idea for a Clean Graffiti art project at Queen City Soup on Sunday, June 22!!

IMG_7994 So what is Queen City Soup?

“Queen City Soup” is a regional micro-grant program housed under Project Art Aid, for emerging and established artists and community activists in the Charlotte metropolitan area. This quarterly event seeks proposals from local artists for projects in the range of $1500-$2500. The projects must have some tangible benefit to community, and projects that have a broad public impact are encouraged. Project Art Aid organizes the events, which include food and drinks, an opportunity to meet the artists, and a program where the artists pitch their projects to the attendees.”

How it works – you pay $10 for a ticket and join the audience. You get to watch the work from 5 artists – we’re talking dancers, a videographer, a talk show host, an art camp, and then there is us (orange safety suits and all)! After we each perform for 5 minutes – you, the audience, cast your vote!


From #thesavageway, you can expect to see five minutes of positive vibes, passion, and a mission to bring inspiring Clean Graffiti messages to some low-income areas around Charlotte. We want the community to see how something as simple as Clean Graffiti can change someone’s perspective.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please come out on Sunday and cheer us on, laugh with us, and help us make our little dream of bringing positive, inspiring messages to places in Charlotte that need some encouragement a reality.

What: Torrie & Paula Present Art & Dirt
Date: Sunday, June 22
Time: 4:00pm
Location: Charlotte Ballet
Cost: $10 (includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks)

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