“Wherever you’re going, we hope there’s fruits and veggies.” This is a statement that could have come straight out of our mouths. We believe in the power of plants and know the importance of eating a colorful, healthy meal, so when FNV (powered by Blue Cross Blue Shield) contacted us about doing a Clean Graffiti campaign to add to their new health initiative, FNVinNC, we jumped for joy at the chance.

FNV stands for fruits and veggies. “Fresh, frozen, canned or dried we can’t get enough of them. We’re on a mission to change the way America eats and we’re coming for you, North Carolina! Thanks to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, FNV is taking over billboards, airwaves, social media and your favorite local events to make sure the Tar Heel State is getting an extra helping of nature’s juiciest treats,” (from the FNV website).

FNV Banner Ad

FNV brought to you by BCBSNC banner ad. #thesavageway


Digital Ad for FNV powered by BCBSNC.

This campaign is backed by Bespoke Sports & Entertainment, a sports and entertainment consulting and marketing agency. It launched in spring of 2017 with projects in Durham & Raleigh, North Carolina but will make its way around NC as time goes on. The kickoff event took place at the Durham Bulls Stadium with a weekend takeover on April 28-30. Vending machines giving out free fruit, nuts and vegetables were placed around the stadium, pop-up tents with information on the importance of eating fresh and healthy were all around town, and Clean Graffiti was placed at your feet to encourage walkers and bikers to think about eating fruits and veggies.

Our Clean Graffiti went down in the state capital of Raleigh NC, as well as Durham. The Bespoke team did an amazing job of making their marketing message full-circle. The call to action with the reverse graffiti was tracked with a hashtag (#FNVinNC) and the message itself was used in digital ads, copy points for the press, and on their website. When a campaign makes sense and is full-circle, the consumer will get the most of the message.

Here are some photos of this awesome, healthy awareness campaign for Blue Cross Blue Shield’s FNV Clean Graffiti initiative.


One of the best things about this campaign is the interaction that it is getting from the public. You can check out all of the posts by searching #FNVinNC on Instagram but in the mean time, here is a sampling.

Social Media Clean Graffiti

Clean Graffiti campaign interaction. Image via Instagram (@jdotbooski)

Clean graffiti on social media

More campaign interaction on social media. Image via Instagram (@kdegraw16)

Raleigh Clean graffiti on social media

People are loving the healthy reminder. Image via Instagram (@explorethe919)

We absolutely love this Clean Graffiti campaign. Not only are we putting a positive message out into the universe, but we are inspiring people to pause and think about what they are putting into their bodies. It’s amazing the art and message you can create out of dirt. Now go eat your fruits and veggies! 🙂