Eco-friendly Event Signage in the Heart of Charlotte’s North End Smart District

The team over at Historic Camp North End, including our friends Alex Smith and Varian Shrum, are doing amazing work for the entrepreneur and artist community. From rehabbing the entire area that once was used to produce Model Ts and Army missiles, to creating innovative spaces for our peers to bring their work to life, Camp North End is nothing short of inspiring.

For an internal event, the crew called us in to create a unique approach to event signage. Through our Clean Graffiti medium, we were able to create a talk piece, and an eco-friendly one at that.

The stencil was designed by MacFly Fresh and was a nod to the history of this space. It included the iconic water tower and the army vessels that were once created on site. We loved being able to spray this design on uncharted territory (aka the construction side) of Camp North End.

dirty sidewalk with pressure washed image of a water tower, camp north end logo and army arrows.

Clean Graffiti for Camp North End by #thesavageway

Clean Graffiti image used as event signage in a construction area of Camp North End

Unique event signage approach for a gathering at Camp North End.

Pressure washed Camp North End logo on black asphalt.

Clean Graffiti on Asphalt. That contrast is amazing!

Reverse Graffiti image in the forefront and orange construction trucks in the background

Creative Marketing for an event using Clean Graffiti.

Clean Graffiti is a great solution for event promotion. Our messages are made by spraying high pressured water over a stencil. The simplicity of the marketing tactic allows our designs to truly stand out to passersby. And, if any message has an event date included in the creative, our team can easily go out and remove the message post event so that there is not outdated material on the streets. And the best part is that we are slowly just cleaning the sidewalks.


Camp North End is also a big supporter of our sister company, Driveway Art. When we were on site for the event Clean Graffiti, they asked us to lay down some art…and you know that we were all in for that! Using the Flourish Stencil, we created a beautiful wall of roses along the entrance to Camp North End. Not only was the end result gorgeous but spraying a wall has been on our bucket list for a while. We LOVED how it turned out.

reverse graffiti roses on a vertical wall by

Wall of Roses at Camp North End made using a Driveway Art Stencil.

Clean Graffiti roses on a vertical retaining wall and the Camp North End water tower in the background

This historic site in Charlotte now has a Clean Graffiti Wall of Roses.

Two smiling women taking a selfie in front of a wall decorated with Clean Graffiti roses in Charlotte, NC.

Paula Bartlett (left) and Torrie Savage, owners of #thesavageway, pose in front of the Driveway Art Rose Wall.