Optimist Park Apartment Complex is Now Pre-Leasing

The light rail opening up in NoDa and surrounding neighborhoods has been huge for growth in the north side of the city. There has been a boom in restaurants, small businesses and apartment complexes opening up. One of these apartments is Alta Warp + Weft, located at 2120 N Brevard St. This new development is a great place to live if you’re looking to live close to Uptown and in walking distance to all that Optimist Park, Belmont and NoDa have to offer.

We were recently hired to help them spread the word in these walkable neighborhoods and execute a Clean Graffiti campaign. Warp + Weft is located just steps off of the light rail and we thought it would be fun to create a message that highlighted that fact but also encompassed the fun and artsy vibe that Warp + Weft is creating – “Live Outside the Lines.”

We put our eco-friendly messages around the city of Charlotte in popular areas. The goal is for passersby to have the opportunity to become aware of this new development. Take a look at the reverse graffiti campaign.

Guy walking in an artsy neighborhood over a sidewalk Clean Graffiti ad that says "Live Outside the Lines."

Clean Graffiti message for Warp + Weft located just off the light rail in Optimist Park, right outside of NoDa.

Clean Graffiti for Warp + Weft on the corner of a busy Charlotte, NC intersection

Eco-friendly street marketing campaign for Alta Warp + Weft in Charlotte, NC.

Pressure washed art on a dirty piece of sidewalk.

Clean Graffiti is created by #thesavageway with a specialized stencil, pressure washer and dirty concrete.

We usually recommend brands use our medium to help generate brand awareness. We become a part of the overall marketing mix and act as an unexpected support system on the streets. Clean Graffiti is something that people see, smile and want to put on their social media channels – creating that third party content that marketers can not always pay for. This was a fun campaign for us and we look forward to working with more companies like Alta Warp + Weft who understand you can have fun, be creative and use Clean Graffiti to help develop awareness around the brand.