MORNING THOUGHTS SERIES: Once a week we will be sharing some of our morning meditations, coffee talks and general life mantras. Yes, #thesavageway is a creative marketing agency, but it is also a lifestyle. We (Torrie Savage & Paula Bartlett) strive to live a healthy, happy, positive life and we want to share our perspective. You can also follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #thesavageway.

Write It Down

Morning Thoughts _ Write it Down

Morning Thoughts: Write it Down. The power of pen to paper helps guide #thesavageway.

Passion Planner_Morning Thoughts Write It Down

Morning Thoughts: Write it Down. The Passion Planner is a saving grace for everyday planning. #thesavageway

We are team paper at #thesavageway. Yes, we work in the digital space and can appreciate those iCalendar meeting reminders, but there is just something about putting pen to paper that just doesn’t compare to using technology.

If you ever take a meeting with me (Paula) or Torrie you are bound to see a Passion Planner, little notebook, a printed list of things to accomplish, Post-it notes, etc. #AllThePaperOptions.

Being a business owner requires us to wear many hats – Sales, Marketing, Operations, Creative Leaders, HR, Customer Service, Accounting, etc. Writing things down not only makes it easier to prioritize tasks, stay focused and be more productive, but it helps us to keep our sanity.

I write everything down; To-do lists, grocery lists, random thoughts while sitting on the porch. Everything. And usually in two different places. If I don’t write it down, it’s like it’s not real.

In fact, paper is so crucial to our lives that we use our notes to help manifest ideas. Setting intentions has become an every week practice for both of us. A visual representation of our personal and business goals helps to make those dreams a reality. We are constantly reinforcing what we want to happen in our lives – and we are able to make actual progress on accomplishing those goals because they are top of mind. By putting pen to paper, we are actively opening the space for ideas to become a reality.

So cheers to appreciating the old school art of taking notes. Cheers to staying organized & sane. Cheers to manifesting all of the ideas. And cheers to always having Post-its in your purse.