AAA Carolinas Moss Art

#thesavageway Moss Art for AAA Carolinas. 100% real plants, naturally preserved.

We were recently contracted by AAA Carolinas to create a custom Moss Art sign for their main conference room at 6600 AAA Dr. Charlotte, NC (AAA Headquarters).

This intricate logo design is the perfect green addition to an otherwise traditional meeting space. The piece measured 4’ in width and looks great centered on the wall. We partnered with our local woodworker, Wooden Fox, to get the logo cut.

Our moss is made from 100% real plants that have been naturally preserved so there is no maintenance required. Imagine that – no watering, no fertilizer, no sunlight required. Simply hang your Moss Art on the wall and enjoy nature’s beauty (without the green thumb required)

Custom Green Signage AAA Carolinas

Love the detail on this Moss Art piece. #thesavageway

If you are interested in custom signage, please email We’d love to create a unique piece of art/signage for you.