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We love a good surprise! When Dave Rich contacted us to help him create a one-of-a-kind Moss Art piece for his wife, we were all in! A little background, Dave is married to Aubrey Rich, owner of Willow Floral Boutique. As a five year wedding gift, Dave wanted to gift his wife something truly special.

These are the words of Aubrey from her Instagram post about the present:

Client testimonial for Moss Art

Amazing words from Moss Art recipient @willowfloralboutique on Instagram. @thesavageway

As Aubrey noted, this was a collaboration piece. We love seeing multiple elements in a final art piece. The dark green moss was an on-brand, and a beautiful choice for this custom sign.

Dark green moss sign

Moss Art for Willow Floral Boutique turned out gorgeous in the dark green moss. #thesavageway

We were absolutely honored to be a part of this special surprise. And little did we know, we posted a photo on our instagram on the five year anniversary of Willow Floral Boutique! How serendipitous. Moss Art is so great because we can truly customize anything that you’re seeking. Whether you’re a large corporation who needs an interior design element for your lobby or a husband looking for a special anniversary present – with Moss Art, we’ve got you covered.