Gourmet Grilled Cheese on wheels. Yes, we will say it again, Gourmet Grilled Cheese! We fell in love with Papi Queso Truck not just for the melted cheese sandwiches he pumps out of his incredibly busy Charlotte Food Truck, but for the fun, creative brand that Papi Queso became.

We started working with owner Brian Stockholm, Papi Queso himself, before that grill was ever heated up.  Brought on to manage the grand opening and teach how to effectively use social media, we ended up learning so much more! We were not only diving into our second real client, but an entire new industry – Food Trucks. Now this was in 2012 when the food truck boom had not yet hit the Queen City in a major way. But as all of you Charlotteans know today food trucks are incredibly popular; Hello Food Truck Friday!

This client taught us so many things, one of the most important being that we TEACH social media, we do not aim to execute long term. The mobile food truck industry is prominent online, especially Twitter, and we knew that Brian and his staff would have to OWN their accounts. There was no way that Papi Queso’s social media could be authentic by posting from afar – so we taught.

Papi Queso branding example by #thesavagewayPapi Queso branding by #thesavageway PapiQueso_CheeseLove

Twitter became the go-to for Papi Queso to let fans know where they were going to be located. This also became the real time communication between Brian and his fans! You can keep up with him here: https://twitter.com/papiquesotruck

Once PQ was up and running, we continued our contract to hone in on his branding and develop creative content. We worked with Papi Queso through his first year to ensure that the fun, “cheesy” branding came to life.

One of the reasons that we enjoy working with small businesses is that we are able to work hand-in-hand with the owner and help their vision come to life. Working with PQ was a great marriage for both companies; Brian was able to focus on running his food truck on all levels and we were able to be creative behind the scenes and create an online presence for Papi Queso.

Nothing but #CheeseLove! #thesavageway

Brian Stockholm owner of Papi Queso Food Truck

Papi Queso branding by #thesavageway

Papi Queso branding example by #thesavageway