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OrthoCarolina brings free, easy-to-use bodyweight-based workouts to South Carolina.

The Free Workout, a free, functional fitness workout that utilizes Clean Graffiti on the sidewalks to help make fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone, made its debut in South Carolina recently. This bodyweight-based exercise routine was designed by an OrthoCarolina medical provider and offers a great alternative to a traditional gym routine.

With successful campaigns in Charlotte (13 total #TheFreeWorkout locations) and Winston Salem (7 total locations), it was time to expand to the growing communities of Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC. Four sidewalk workouts were placed in each city and you can find the locations of this community-building fitness initiative here.

These workouts are created by using Clean Graffiti, an eco-friendly medium that simply uses high-pressured water to make a contrast in dirt. That’s right – no paint, no acid, no bleach – it’s just water (how cool is that?!).

Clean Graffiti Workout

OrthoCarolina provided The Free Workout to Rock Hill, SC & Fort Mill, SC. #thesavageway

body weight exercise on the ground

Free, bodyweight exercise routine is now available on the sidewalks in some areas of South Carolina. #thesavageway

Sidewalk pressure washed workout

#TheFreeWorkout by OrthoCarolina has now hit South Carolina by way of Clean Graffiti. #thesavageway

The Free Workout in south carolina

Complete The Free Workout by OrthoCarolina 5x to really get your heart pumping! #thesavageway

The Actual Workouts
The Free Workout is a self-guided workout with six body-weight movements that you can repeat 5x or modify as needed. It takes place along an approximately 600-800 foot stretch of sidewalk around popular areas of town. The workouts are designed for any fitness level and are free and open to use to the public. If you’d like to see some videos of these easy workouts, check out Carrie Rhodes, MPT at OrthoCarolina, demonstrate #TheFreeWorkout.

If you are looking for past workouts, you can check out one of the 13 free workout locations in Charlotte or you can check out more details on the Winston Salem workout locations.