Three Moss Art Pieces for Lending Tree

Three Moss Art Pieces for Lending Tree

When we have the chance to create not one but three Moss Art pieces for a company like Lending Tree, you know we are doing a happy dance. Not just because of the work, but because this company sees the value in bringing plants/moss into a workspace. It truly transforms a space.

Moss Art is a perfect way for companies to bring a green, plant element inside without any of the maintenance. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE plants and know that there is certainly a place for them in the workplace, but our Moss Art is such a great alternative because it requires zero maintenance. None! No water, sunlight or drainage required during buildout. No expensive ongoing maintenance packages. All of our moss is real, it is just preserved. It truly is a thing of wonder.

Now back to that company and this amazing job we’re talking about – Lending Tree! Lending Tree is “an online loan marketplace for various financial borrowing needs including auto loans, small business loans, personal loans, credit cards, and more….Together, these services serve as an ally for consumers who are looking to comparison shop among multiple businesses and professionals who will compete for their business.” ( They recently opened their new corporate headquarters in the Historic South End neighborhood of Charlotte, and this space is gorgeous! Their incredible team included Southwood Corporation who handled all of their signage and brought us into the equation.

We were hired to create three custom Moss Art pieces for the space, each unique in their concept and design. The first was the Lending Tree Logo made in preserved reindeer moss. We were able to use a variety of colors to complement the brand colors as well as the interior design.

Lending Tree Moss Art in the newly redesigned corporate headquarters
reindeer moss art by the savage way for lending tree


The second piece was an homage to the Queen City. A 4’ tall CLT with the Lending Tree Leaf also made of preserved reindeer moss. This lichen is great because it offers beautiful coloring as well as sound absorption properties.

Moss Art in the Lending Tree office in Charlotte, NC
moss art makes an impact on interior design for corporate office settings


The third piece was a 10’ wide x 9’ tall “Breathe” wall made with preserved sheet/flat moss, Mood/pillow moss and reindeer moss. The moss was placed within a structure that Southwood Corporation built. The grandeur of the Moss Art is what stuck with us. It is simple yet so impactful.

"Breathe" Moss Art wall made by The Savage Way
Detail shot of one of the three Moss Art walls created for Lending Tree by The Savage Way.


Congrats to the Lending Tree team on the new office. And thank you for embracing our fun, custom art as a part of your interior design package. Learn more about our offerings and how we can bring some life into your work environment

Multiple Moss Art Walls for Bank of America

Multiple Moss Art Walls for Bank of America

We had the pleasure of creating four Moss Art Walls for Bank of America Corporate Center in Uptown Charlotte. Each wall incorporated three shades of preserved reindeer moss, creating a unique green element in this corporate office setting.

The collaboration for these maintenance-free plant walls came from Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an international architecture and design firm, as well as a talented team of millworkers at Onsite Woodwork Corporation. The four moss art walls had to be able to uniquely stand on their own and at the same time create a cohesive look across the Bank of America floor. We are obsessed with how these dimensional walls turned out.

Two smiling business owners pose with one of four Moss Art installations at Bank of America Corporate Center.

#thesavageway owners pose in front of Moss Art Walls at Bank of America Corporate Center in Uptown, Charlotte.

reindeer moss installation on metal and wood

It’s all in the details – multi-colored reindeer moss with different dimensions.

Modern design of an office a space in Charlotte, NC

New redesign of the BofA Corporate Center 55th Floor in Charlotte, NC.

Moss Art wall by #thesavageway

Meet the Greenway Moss Art Wall in the BofA 55th Floor office space.

The Plaza Moss Art Wall created by #thesavageway for Bank of America Corporate Center.

This Moss Art is called “The Park” and it requires no-maintenance.

The fourth Moss Art Wall for BofA is called Courtyard.

The use of biophilic design in the office setting not only is aesthetically pleasing, but it brings a calm element to workers. Biophilic Design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. Our Moss Art is the perfect way to bring this concept to life. The beauty of our work is that it brings that natural element inside without all of the hassle. Our moss requires no water source, no sunlight and no expensive ongoing maintenance. Just hang it and enjoy!

These four Moss Art Walls, named The Plaza, Greenway, Park and Courtyard, had some varying levels of moss to showcase dimension in the design. Our green plant walls were part of a larger renovation for the Bank of America Corporate Executive Suite. This work can be found in Charlotte, NC.



Custom Moss Art Sign for Sightline Steel Doors

Custom Moss Art Sign for Sightline Steel Doors

Sightline Steel Doors is a full service steel and iron door manufacturer. Located right here in Charlotte, NC, Jimmy Benham & his team custom design and create these beautiful, functional pieces of art for your home or business. They are in high demand and their work is gorgeous. Learn more about the steel door process on their website and Instagram.

We created a custom sign for the Sightline showroom. The clean and sleek lines of our preserved Moss Art mimicked the modern and sleek aesthetic that you get from the steel doors. Check out our latest creation below.

Behind the scenes look at the Sightline Steel Doors Moss Art sign.

Sightline Steel Doors Moss Art by #thesavageway

Overhead angle of the forest green preserved Moss Art piece for Sightline Steel Doors.

All Moss Art is preserved and requires no maintenance.

Smiling business owner smiles and points to his preserved moss sign in his showroom.

Company Owner, Jimmy Benham, poses with his custom Moss Art sign.

Moss Art sign as seen through a steel framed window in the Sightline Steel Doors showroom.

Moss Art peeking though an example of a custom Steel framed window.

A glass and steel framed door that is perfectly arched.

Look at this beautiful Arched Steel Door that was created by our Moss client.

A look into the showroom with steel windows and a steel door created by Sightline Steel Doors

More work by Sightline Steel Doors.

One thing we really appreciate about the Sightline team is their attention to excellence. From their website, “We believe a project’s success is taking every detail into consideration before the product is approved for fabrication. Smooth installations and finishes are not a product of luck and should not be decided on site, a smooth install requires proper planning and coordination.” We can get behind that kind of commitment!

Our custom Moss Art signs are made with so much care and love and that allows us to stay motivated to keep creating. And when we see our clients happy it truly is one of the best feelings. We are excited to keep following the Sightline journey.

Moss Wall for Modern Animal Hospital

Moss Wall for Modern Animal Hospital

Queen City Animal Hospital (QCAH) is one of the most modern and beautifully designed veterinary offices we’ve ever seen. By rehabilitating an old grocery store in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte, NC, the team behind QCAH has been able to preserve a bit of history while created a new and stunning space.


Our team was contracted to bring some greenery into the lobby space of this vet clinic. Through a collaboration between the interior designer, our creative team and our woodworkers, 8Lincoln30, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind Moss Art partition wall. And it is gorgeous!

This Moss Wall is double sided and framed so that every visitor gets the moss experience while they are waiting with their fur babies. 8Lincoln30 did a great job of creating the wood base and metal rods that hold the preserved moss. Beyond the visual look of the Moss Wall, our preserved moss has a natural sounds absorbing quality to help the acoustics in the room. And the best part – it requires no maintenance. There is no need to sunlight, drainage or water. The Moss Wall will maintain its beauty for years to come.


We also had the opportunity to create a custom logo for Queen City Animal Hospital. We love the logo that their team created. It’s a great play on a dog’s paw print and the Queen City crown. By using our darker, forest green moss on the logo, we are able to balance out the greens in the space. We also love how the aluminum lettering turned out on the reclaimed wood wall. Seriously, this space has so many amazing design elements.


Queen City Animal Hospital is now accepting patients of all kinds. They offer a ton of services, including wellness & preventative care, surgical services, exotic pet medicine, telemedicine, laser therapy and emergency care. Read more about it here. This location is perfect for anyone who lives in the Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Villa Heights, Belmont or Optimist Park neighborhoods. Give them a call. Your fur babies will be ever so grateful!

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Three30Five Moss Walls Go Up in South End

Three30Five Moss Walls Go Up in South End

Our Moss Art offerings have grown and evolved over time. We started out making custom moss logos, and now we are working hand-in-hand with interior designers and architects to include Moss Art into the plans for new buildings. Recently, our friends over at Southpark Interiors hired us to create two gradient Moss Walls for a luxury apartment complex.

Three30Five is a newly remodeled apartment in South End and they have lot of great things to offer residents. Check out some of their amenities. We LOVED creating the Three30Five Moss Walls for their upstairs lounge area. Since our moss is preserved, there is no need for any ongoing maintenance; no watering, no sunlight, no drainage needed.

These Moss Art walls were a labor of love from our team. Measuring 3′ x 8′ and 5′ x 8′, our team was able to conquer the gradient pattern throughout the entire piece. Check it out.

Two moss walls in forest green and chartreuse green, the one on the right had the numbers 335 inset.

Moss Walls by #thesavageway for Three30Five in Charlotte, NC.

Preserved moss walls require no maintenance. Just enjoy, like art!

Close up picture of forest green moss and chartreuse moss intersecting to make a gradient pattern.

Moss gradient pattern for Charlotte, NC local apartment company Three30Five.

close up of wooden number "5" inset into a moss art wall

Love the detail of the inset wood letters inside the moss art.

Two smiling women pose in front of the preserved moss art wall that they helped to create.

#thesavageway Moss Artists, Brooke Burch and Ashley Schewzyk, pose in front of the Three30Five Moss Art wall in South End.

As our moss offerings continue to expand, we look forward to all of the creativity that it will unleash in us. The possibilities truly are endless. Our approach to using preserved moss is to create pieces that are modern, pop art. Lot of fun colors and designs. Stay tuned for all of the fun upcoming projects we have in the works!

Moss Art for byFiorenza Communities

Moss Art for byFiorenza Communities

Modern, Farmhouse Style Sign Made of Preserved Moss

We had the pleasure of creating a custom Moss Art sign for Adam Fiorenza and his team at byFiorenza Communities. This developer specializes in modern farmhouse Homes in the Charlotte area. They have properties coming soon to Steele Creek, Matthews, Mint Hill and Rock Hill neighborhoods.

Our friends at 8Lincoln30, local Charlotte woodworkers, helped us craft this beauty. This piece is 6.5’ wide with the logo sitting at 6’ in beautiful forest green moss. We love the finished product. Check out some of the photos below.

sign made of forest green moss sitting on concrete against a brick wall

Moss Art sign for byFiorenza Communities in Charlotte, NC.

two people are holding up a Moss Art sign for byFiorenza Communities.

Custom sign made of preserved moss for byFiorenza Communities.

Moss Art seen from the side.

Side view of this custom Moss Art sign made by #thesavageway.

the word "by" surrounded by forest green moss.

Close up detail of the forest green moss in the byFiorenza sign.

a man and a woman standing shoulder to shoulder in front of the byFiorenza Moss Art sign.

Proud owners of a new Moss Art sign!

All of our work is completely custom. That means that every time a client approaches us we are likely crafting a new way to display our Moss Art – and that is fun and challenging at the same time. This project was no different. Since “communities” was so small in relation to the logo, we had to get creative and use an epoxy fill to complete the sign. We think it turned out great! Sleek, sexy and the perfect addition to this modern, farmhouse style design.

If you are interested in having us create a unique piece of art or signage for your company, give us a shout. We would love to bring your vision to life through nature.

UNC Charlotte: #NinerNationGives Moss Art

UNC Charlotte: #NinerNationGives Moss Art

Custom Moss Art for 49er Annual Giving #NinerNationGives

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for several years now. In fact, between the 49er Alumni crew and the Belk College of Business, we’ve completed five Clean Graffiti campaigns since 2013. Amazing! Their support is so appreciated.

Here you can check out some of that past work: Belk College of Business #UNCCBizSelfie, Belk College of Business $20k Salary Bump, Belk College of Business What’s Your Next Step, 49er Alumni Norm Niner Nation Gives, 49er Alumni Pride scavenger hunt.

The Annual Giving sector of the University has a campaign called #NinerNationGives. This annual fundraiser is a huge way to support the University and all of the Alumni programming. For this 4th year, we were brought in to create a custom piece of Moss Art that travelled to a few University events around Charlotte.We love that this moss is functional art. Since it is a hashtag, people know that the goal is to post pictures to social media using that saying. Not only was this creative marketing a success, it was fun to see our artwork pop up at different events around town.

Moss Facts: This Moss Art piece is  36” x 36,” routed and filled with forest green moss, and made with lots of love.

Large white board, routed and filled with green moss creating the phrase #NinerNationGives

Custom Moss Art for UNC Charlotte Alumni Association by #thesavageway.

UNC Charlotte mascot poses with large Moss Art piece on campus.

Norm the Niner, mascot of UNC Charlotte, poses with the Moss Art that #thesavageway created.

Smiling group with the Niner Nation Gives

Director of Athletics, Mike Hill (center), along with other 49er Alumni gather around the #NinerNationGives Moss Art.

Smiling woman next to custom Moss Art

One of our biggest supporter, Amy Jolly, poses with our Moss Art for UNC Charlotte.

Four women with the Niner Nation Gives Moss Art.

We love the Niner Nation crew!

We LOVE the 49er Alumni crew and look forward to our next project with UNC Charlotte.