What does your business promote? When we had the chance to do a Clean Graffiti campaign with local Charlotte yoga studio, Yoga One, they knew exactly what they wanted to put out into the world; Love one another. Such a simple, yet profound statement.

Sidewalk Messages for Yoga One.

Clean Graffiti for Charlotte yoga studio, Yoga One in the Dilworth & Plaza Midwood areas.

thesavageway Clean Graffiti Yoga One

Such a positive way to use Clean Graffiti. Yoga One spreads Love One Another message. #thesavageway

Love One Another Sidewalk Art

Clean Graffiti campaign for Yoga One in Charlotte, NC. #thesavageway

We placed 12 Clean Graffiti spots around their two studios, located in Plaza Midwood and the newly opened studio in Dilworth. Using a play on their logo, as well as the phrase that represents the lifeline of their wellness practice, Yoga One was able to connect with the public in a subtle, relatable way. We received several Instagram messages from people who spotted a Clean Graffiti spot and snapped a pic.

Revere Graffiti for Yoga One

Instagram message from Amber Miller (@amberjenelle) after she spotted the Yoga One message of love. #thesavageway

Kudos to this amazing company for harnessing the power of positivity on the sidewalk.