Custom Charlotte Crown by #thesavageway

Custom Charlotte Crown by #thesavageway

green moss crown

Custom Moss Art Charlotte Crown by #thesavageway.

The Charlotte Crown has never looked so good! We adore this Custom Moss Art piece that we created for a client in their 4th Ward home in Charlotte, NC. This piece is almost 3′ wide and fits perfectly in the foyer entrance of this neighborhood high rise.

The beauty of an original Moss Art piece by #thesavageway is that you get all of the beauty and greenery of a living wall / plant, but without any of the maintenance. That’s right. We use preserved moss so there is no need to water or leave the art near sunlight. We have perfectly crafted the artwork to maintain its color and texture for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about this Crown Moss Art or something that you are dreaming up in your head, please shoot us an email ([email protected])! We love to be creative with clients and find a way to make your office lobby, conference room, or home foyer look way cooler (and greener!).

green sign

Love the detail of this custom artwork for a client. #thesavageweay

moss art charlotte, NC

It’s all in the details with Moss Art by #thesavageway.

Moss Art Details

Moss Art is better than a living wall because there is no maintenance or watering required. Just enjoy. #thesavageway

#thesavageway Hired on the West Coast for Clean Graffiti

#thesavageway Hired on the West Coast for Clean Graffiti

In June of 2017, #thesavageway was hired to do Clean Graffiti in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA. We worked with HMH Agency for their client the Trimet, the public transportation system of Portland & Vancouver, to bring awareness to their new fast pass payment system. This blog details our trip!

Flight to Portland, OR

Flying into one of the most beautiful cities, Portland, OR, to do some Clean Graffiti work. #DreamJob

This summer, Torrie & I had the chance to travel across the country to do some Clean Graffiti for our client, HMH Agency. Let me say that again, we travelled over 2,700 miles to complete eco-friendly advertising in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! I still have a hard time believing this is reality.

Portland, OR had been on my personal bucket list since high school and it has been on our professional bucket list for at least 4 years. The culture, nature, the vegan food (!), the dirt & mold (perfect for Clean Graffiti) – Portland seemed like such an oasis.

When we finally booked the job, not only were we excited to travel, but we could not have been more excited for the initiative that it supported. We were supporting the Trimet, Oregon’s public transportation system, and their Hop Fast Pass program that was launching in Fall 2017. By using Clean Graffiti in Portland, OR, we were able to communicate with an over-stimulated public in a subtle, relatable way. We placed the Clean Graffiti spots around popular bus stops and light rail stops.

We used 4 different stencils that featured ” The Spokesblob” of the Trimet. This character was already being used in other outdoor media buys; billboards, magazine ads, sides of busses, etc. It made sense to bring that same “Spokesblob” to the sidewalk since the masses were already use to them. It was a subtle enough message to be well-accepted by every passerby.

Trimet Hop Fast Pass

Image from the MyHopFastPass website featuring the Spokesblob that we used in the Clean Graffiti.

Reverse Graffiti in Portland

Clean Graffiti for the Trimet in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA. #thesavageway

Sidewalk Ads in Portland, OR by #thesavageway

More photos of the Clean Graffiti work #thesavageway completed in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA.

We had a wonderful experience working with HMH Agency on this campaign. They have offices in both Charlotte, NC & Portland, OR so our communication flowed effortlessly. We were honored that they wanted to bring our Clean Graffiti to their clients and truly use the medium as a communication tool.

Portland & Vancouver made the perfect canvas for our work with Clean Graffiti. The climate, as well as the eco-friendly mentality of the West Coast, made Portland a new market for #thesavageway. We saw endless opportunities to use our creative, out-of-the-box advertising medium.

Yes, we were in town for work, but we definitely made time to explore and enjoy the beauty that is Oregon and Washington. A few of the highlights included:

thesavageway owners in Belltown Seattle

Torrie & Paula of #thesavageway having an afternoon lunch in Belltown, Seattle, WA.

#thesavageway takes the West Coast

Some of our West Coast Clean Graffiti Tour Adventures in Portland, OR & Seatlle, WA. #thesavageway

Scenery from the West Coast

Portland, OR & Seattle, WA are simply gorgeous! #thesavageway

Clean Graffiti Tour picures

We are obsessed with the West Coast: l to r (Portland Sign, Clean Graffiit for Trimet, Torrie doing some yoga on Cannon Beach, Vtopia Cheese Board *all vegan)

Natural Media Queens on a Clean Graffiti Tour

Clean Graffiti allows us to travel and see so many amazing places, like Portland, Vancouver & Seattle. #thesavageway

It is an amazing feeling to know that something we created, Clean Graffiti, is not only fueling our business on the East Coast, but we now have a presence on the other side of the nation. We are actively seeking clients in the Portland area and are open and excited for the next work trip we take to the West Coast.

Moss Art for Willow Floral Boutique Made Sweet Surprise

Moss Art for Willow Floral Boutique Made Sweet Surprise

We love a good surprise! When Dave Rich contacted us to help him create a one-of-a-kind Moss Art piece for his wife, we were all in! A little background, Dave is married to Aubrey Rich, owner of Willow Floral Boutique. As a five year wedding gift, Dave wanted to gift his wife something truly special.

These are the words of Aubrey from her Instagram post about the present:

Client testimonial for Moss Art

Amazing words from Moss Art recipient @willowfloralboutique on Instagram. @thesavageway

As Aubrey noted, this was a collaboration piece. We love seeing multiple elements in a final art piece. The dark green moss was an on-brand, and a beautiful choice for this custom sign.

Dark green moss sign

Moss Art for Willow Floral Boutique turned out gorgeous in the dark green moss. #thesavageway

We were absolutely honored to be a part of this special surprise. And little did we know, we posted a photo on our instagram on the five year anniversary of Willow Floral Boutique! How serendipitous. Moss Art is so great because we can truly customize anything that you’re seeking. Whether you’re a large corporation who needs an interior design element for your lobby or a husband looking for a special anniversary present – with Moss Art, we’ve got you covered.

RE/MAX Moss Art Sign Updates Office Interior

RE/MAX Moss Art Sign Updates Office Interior

When a client approaches you with enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for your art, it is truly a special experience. We had the best time working with Leigh Brown of RE/MAX Executive Realty on a custom RE/MAX Moss Art sign for her corporate office. She contacted because she was looking to revamp her office décor and bring some new life to her workspace.

This logo turned out so crisp and clean. We love how our preserved moss brings all of the benefits of a traditional living wall without all of the maintenance. There is no need to water the art or keep the piece near a sunny window. #thesavageway Moss Art will maintain its appearance indefinitely – just hang it and enjoy it!

Moss Art Details
Size: 3.5′ tall
Medium: Preserved Moss
Location: Concord, NC

Living Wall Signage #thesavageway

Custom Re/MAX Moss Art Sign for RE/MAX agent Leigh Brown in Concord, NC. #thesavageway

Moss Art Sign RE/MAX

Awesome green element for a corporate office. Moss Art by #thesavageway

Happy client with Moss Art

We loved working with Leigh Brown on her RE/MAX Moss Art sign. She is seriously so much fun! #thesavageway

If you are interested in your own custom office signage for the office, conference room or lobby, please email [email protected].

And if you are looking to connect with Leigh, either to check out her Moss Art in person or chat about real estate, contact here here:
Leigh Brown
RE/MAX Executive Realty, 24 Cabarrus Ave. E. Concord, NC 28205
Broker/Owner, ABR, CRS, CIPS, CLHMS, ePRO, AHWD, SRES, CyberStar, EcoBroker, CDPE,MilRES 704.688.5005


Moss Art for Hygge Coworking – Easy.

Moss Art for Hygge Coworking – Easy.

Hygge now has Moss Art

Hygge Owner, Garrett Tichy (lt) and new Chief Strategy Officer, Brittany Yoho (rt) in front of the custom Moss Art by #thesavageway.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a coworking community in Charlotte, NC. They have been crushing the game, opening their third location in just a few years. When owner, Garrett Tichy, approached us about creating a custom Moss Art piece for their original location on 809 W. Hill Street, the decision was well, easy.

This piece was a large install. It was a total of 16 circles in a variety of sizes, along with a 36″ moss rendition of Hygge’s signature tagline, “easy.” on a brand specific yellow painted wall that measured 63″ x 74″.

We loved how it turned out. When you head to Hygge for one of their many awesome community events, make sure to snap a picture and let us know!

Moss Art for Hygge

Custom Moss Art for Hygge Coworking in Charlotte, NC. #thesavageway

Custom Art Work #thesavageway

We created 21 circles of various sizes for this custom moss piece. #thesavageway

Moss Art letters Charlotte

It’s easy. This Moss Art can be seen at 809 W. Hill Street.

Custom Green Art by #thesavageway

Moss Art circles on the wall of one of Charlotte’s top coworking spaces. #thesavageway

Custom art work in moss

Final Moss Art piece by #thesavageway.

thesavageway owners charlotte, nc

Owners of #thesavageway, Torrie Savage (left) and Paula Bartlett (right), assess a Moss Art installation in Charlotte, NC.