It’s Speed Street Time

It’s Speed Street Time

600 Festival Hosts Their Annual Circle K Speed Street in Uptown Charlotte

It’s that time of year again. Speed Street is here, and the crowds are ready. There are an expected 300,000 participants to make their way through the music festival, food trucks, and games in Uptown Charlotte.

Circle K Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola has commemorated the May races at Charlotte Motor Speedway with spectacular family-oriented events since its inception. This event will be rocking the streets of Charlotte May 23-25, 2019 with live entertainment, access to racing’s brightest stars, giveaways and interactive displays. Corey Smith, Brothers Osborne, and STYX will be the headline talent for this 25th anniversary of Speed Street.


We had the honor of working with Mary Johnson and Meg Seitz, the powerhouses behind the marketing for this year’s Speed Street, on a Clean Graffiti campaign. We put down a fun “Drive into Summer” message a month prior to this weekend’s event to help drive awareness. We placed these spots in high traffic areas around the popular neighborhoods of Uptown, Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Southend and FreeMoreWest.

The reaction from passersby has been great! We see people post on their Instagram stories all the time with this fun message. And the best part of this creative marketing is that it is just water. Using only a pressure washer and a stencil, we are able to create a contrast in the dirt and leave a clean message behind. Our eco-friendly messaging is a great accompaniment to an event’s marketing mix. You are targeting your audience exactly where they are.. the sidewalk.

pressure washed message onto a sidewalk showcasing the 2019 SpeedStreet

Clean Graffiti for Speed Street in Charlotte, NC

three beautiful little girls pose with a sidewalk message promoting Speed Street festivities

Oh hey girls!!! 600 Festival is happening this weekend!

Clean Graffiti for the 2019 600 Festival.

Sidewalk messaging in a popular , artsy neighborhood

Clean Graffiti in NoDa, Charlotte, NC. Speed Street is taking place this weekend in Uptown.

Man and woman stop with the brown dog and take a picture of Clean Graffiti

Marketing right where the customer is walking, the sidewalk.

Have fun at all of the SpeedStreet festivities this weekend. If you happen to find one of our Clean Graffiti spots around town, snap a pic, post to Instagram and tag us! We’d love to see!


Clean Graffiti in Chicago, IL for Wunderbar Together

Clean Graffiti in Chicago, IL for Wunderbar Together

APCO Worldwide hired #thesavageway to apply some Clean Graffiti for the Germany Week Festival at Daley Plaza

We had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago, IL to complete a Clean Graffiti job for Wunderbar Together and APCO Worldwide. Wunderbar Together is an year-long celebration of the German-American friendship.

A little more about the Wunderbar Together initiative from the campaign website, “Working with over 200 partners, we are showcasing our close bonds in over 1,000 events in all 50 states. We are painting a picture of everything German-American relations stand for, including science, the arts, culture, language, business, and sports. We want to create an exchange of ideas with all Americans, not only in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, but also in the heart of the country.”

The Germany Week festival in Daley Plaza featured concerts, food stations, sports and film screenings, as well as interactive activities in arts, language, engineering, science, and more! All events were free and open to the public.

We created a highly targeted campaign around the week-long festival location, Daley Plaza, in Downtown Chicago. By placing these eco-friendly, water-based sidewalk messages around the actual event space, we helped to bring awareness to the festival. It was fun to scour the city for dirty sidewalks and select spots that made sense for the client.

Check out some of the photos from this reverse graffiti campaign in Downtown Chicago below.

Clean Message on a dirty sidewalk for Wunderbar Together.

Clean Graffiti by #thesavageway in Chicago, IL for Germany Week.

Two people walking past a Clean Graffiti spot in Chicago, IL.

These spots were placed near the event location in high foot-traffic areas.

Woman with long brown hair and a black puffy coat stops to take a photo of the reverse graffiti on the sidewalk.

Taking photos of the Wunderbar Together Clean Graffiti for social media.

Street view of reverse graffiti on the streets of Chicago near Daley Plaza.

Chicago, IL is now one of the 59 cities that #thesavageway has completed a Clean Graffiti job.

It is such an amazing feeling to bring our medium to a new city. We want to see our Clean Graffiti across the nation. These eco-friendly messages are such a great way to bring awareness to a brand or an event. They provide a temporary solution for outdoor signage in a big city. And the best part is that they are made with water. That’r right. It’s. Just. Water.

Thanks for being awesome, Chicago! We hope to see you again soon.

Live Outside the Lines: Warp + Weft Clean Graffiti

Live Outside the Lines: Warp + Weft Clean Graffiti

Optimist Park Apartment Complex is Now Pre-Leasing

The light rail opening up in NoDa and surrounding neighborhoods has been huge for growth in the north side of the city. There has been a boom in restaurants, small businesses and apartment complexes opening up. One of these apartments is Alta Warp + Weft, located at 2120 N Brevard St. This new development is a great place to live if you’re looking to live close to Uptown and in walking distance to all that Optimist Park, Belmont and NoDa have to offer.

We were recently hired to help them spread the word in these walkable neighborhoods and execute a Clean Graffiti campaign. Warp + Weft is located just steps off of the light rail and we thought it would be fun to create a message that highlighted that fact but also encompassed the fun and artsy vibe that Warp + Weft is creating – “Live Outside the Lines.”

We put our eco-friendly messages around the city of Charlotte in popular areas. The goal is for passersby to have the opportunity to become aware of this new development. Take a look at the reverse graffiti campaign.

Guy walking in an artsy neighborhood over a sidewalk Clean Graffiti ad that says "Live Outside the Lines."

Clean Graffiti message for Warp + Weft located just off the light rail in Optimist Park, right outside of NoDa.

Clean Graffiti for Warp + Weft on the corner of a busy Charlotte, NC intersection

Eco-friendly street marketing campaign for Alta Warp + Weft in Charlotte, NC.

Pressure washed art on a dirty piece of sidewalk.

Clean Graffiti is created by #thesavageway with a specialized stencil, pressure washer and dirty concrete.

We usually recommend brands use our medium to help generate brand awareness. We become a part of the overall marketing mix and act as an unexpected support system on the streets. Clean Graffiti is something that people see, smile and want to put on their social media channels – creating that third party content that marketers can not always pay for. This was a fun campaign for us and we look forward to working with more companies like Alta Warp + Weft who understand you can have fun, be creative and use Clean Graffiti to help develop awareness around the brand.

Clean Graffiti for The ACC

Clean Graffiti for The ACC

The Annual College Basketball Tournament Takes Charlotte by Storm

The ACC hosts their annual men’s basketball tournament right before the start of March Madness. This year, the week-long basketball extravaganza was held at the Spectrum Arena in Uptown Charlotte. Duke University came away victorious against Florida State, but the fans were the true winners (that UNC vs Duke game though)!

As a means to bring more attention to all of the passersby that frequent the city and the festivities around the ACC Tournament, the marketing team hired us to put down some Clean Graffiti. Our eco-friendly messages are created using only dirt and water. Truly… these images are made using just a pressure washer and a specialized stencil.

We work with mother nature. A good part of our job is assessing levels of dirt on the sidewalks. So this alone can make putting down reverse graffiti a challenge. However, this time it was even more challenging because The ACC had us create some of our most detailed stencils to date. To honor the entire conference, we represented every single ACC mascot in our artwork. That’s right… 15 mascots over four stencils. Check them out…

4 mascots of The ACC created out of reverse graffiti.

Clean Graffiti spot for The ACC featuring the mascots from UNC Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University.

Reverse Graffiti on the sidewalk featuring detailed mascots from The ACC

The second Clean Graffiti spot for The ACC featuring the mascots from Duke University, Florida State University, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame.

Clean Graffiti for The ACC on the streets of Charlotte, NC

Spot 3 of 4 of The ACC Clean Graffiti featuring the mascots from Boston College, Clemson University, University of Louisville, and University of Virginia.

Clean Graffiti by #thesavageway for The ACC.

The fourth stencil for The ACC featuring the University of Miami, NC State and Syracuse mascots.

Clean Graffiti and Athletics

We absolutely love when we get to use our medium to help sports teams spread the word. We’ve now had the pleasure of working with the Carolina Panthers (twice), The Carolina Hurricanes, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte for their Inaugural Football season and now The ACC. We’ve also done some really cool bodyweight workouts for OrthoCarolina along with inspiring running messages.

For this campaign we were able highlight the mascots from UNC Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest University on one stencil. Duke University, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame, made the second stencil. Next up was Boston College, Clemson University, University of Louisville, and University of Virginia.  And last but not least, we represented Syracuse University, NC State and University of Miami. And we did this all in dirt! Natural outdoor media at its finest

We are so happy with how the project turned out. After 6 years in this reverse graffiti game, we are still consistently pushing our capabilities and our skill level. Cheers to The ACC for believing in this medium and for believing in #thesavageway.

Clean Graffiti for Camp North End

Clean Graffiti for Camp North End

Eco-friendly Event Signage in the Heart of Charlotte’s North End Smart District

The team over at Historic Camp North End, including our friends Alex Smith and Varian Shrum, are doing amazing work for the entrepreneur and artist community. From rehabbing the entire area that once was used to produce Model Ts and Army missiles, to creating innovative spaces for our peers to bring their work to life, Camp North End is nothing short of inspiring.

For an internal event, the crew called us in to create a unique approach to event signage. Through our Clean Graffiti medium, we were able to create a talk piece, and an eco-friendly one at that.

The stencil was designed by MacFly Fresh and was a nod to the history of this space. It included the iconic water tower and the army vessels that were once created on site. We loved being able to spray this design on uncharted territory (aka the construction side) of Camp North End.

dirty sidewalk with pressure washed image of a water tower, camp north end logo and army arrows.

Clean Graffiti for Camp North End by #thesavageway

Clean Graffiti image used as event signage in a construction area of Camp North End

Unique event signage approach for a gathering at Camp North End.

Pressure washed Camp North End logo on black asphalt.

Clean Graffiti on Asphalt. That contrast is amazing!

Reverse Graffiti image in the forefront and orange construction trucks in the background

Creative Marketing for an event using Clean Graffiti.

Clean Graffiti is a great solution for event promotion. Our messages are made by spraying high pressured water over a stencil. The simplicity of the marketing tactic allows our designs to truly stand out to passersby. And, if any message has an event date included in the creative, our team can easily go out and remove the message post event so that there is not outdated material on the streets. And the best part is that we are slowly just cleaning the sidewalks.


Camp North End is also a big supporter of our sister company, Driveway Art. When we were on site for the event Clean Graffiti, they asked us to lay down some art…and you know that we were all in for that! Using the Flourish Stencil, we created a beautiful wall of roses along the entrance to Camp North End. Not only was the end result gorgeous but spraying a wall has been on our bucket list for a while. We LOVED how it turned out.

reverse graffiti roses on a vertical wall by

Wall of Roses at Camp North End made using a Driveway Art Stencil.

Clean Graffiti roses on a vertical retaining wall and the Camp North End water tower in the background

This historic site in Charlotte now has a Clean Graffiti Wall of Roses.

Two smiling women taking a selfie in front of a wall decorated with Clean Graffiti roses in Charlotte, NC.

Paula Bartlett (left) and Torrie Savage, owners of #thesavageway, pose in front of the Driveway Art Rose Wall.

I Stand for Pizza: Brixx Pizza Clean Graffiti Campaign

I Stand for Pizza: Brixx Pizza Clean Graffiti Campaign

Brixx Pizza is a Charlotte staple. In fact, the first Brixx Wood Fired Pizza opened in 1998 in the historic Dilworth neighborhood. Between their wood-fired oven to the fresh ingredients, it’s no wonder that the demand for Brixx now has them in more than 30 locations all over the Southeast.

In order to honor their 20th Anniversary, the Brixx team chose to partner with us on a fun Clean Graffiti campaign. We knew we wanted to create a design that truly spoke to the pizza lovers of the world and we knew in order to do that we needed to bring in a local artist to assist. Mike Wirth, founder of Talking Walls CLT and member of Southern Tiger Collective, helped us to create the “I Stand for Pizza” stencil. We created a fun piece of street art that not only represented our client but that also was fun for passersby.

reverse graffiti of a pizza on the sidewalk for Brixx Pizza

Brixx Pizza Clean Graffiti in Charlotte, NC. #thesavageway

pressure washed pizza celebrating Brixx Pizza on the sidewalk.

Brixx Pizza celebrated their 20th Anniversary with this fun Clean Graffiti campaign: I stand for pizza.

Clean Graffiti for Brixx Pizza on the street corner.

Clean Graffiti is an eco-friendly form of advertising. It’s just water!

You have to remember that we are working with Mother Nature on all of these Clean Graffiti campaigns. The means that we are working with the contrast of dirt and high-pressure water. It’s amazing how different each sidewalk square is and just because something looks to be dirty, it doesn’t mean it actually is dirty. That is another factor that goes into every #thesavageway Clean Graffiti campaign, we land survey and study not only the popular walking areas of a target market, but the dirt levels too!

Brixx Pizza celebrated their 20th(!!!) year in business. That’s incredible. We had the pleasure of dining there not too long ago and enjoyed vegan pizza, gluten-free crust and a filling salad. And this Charlotte unicorn of a business makes some delicious food.

Delicious pizza topped with fire rosted tomatoes, artichokes, banana peppers and fresh argula.

Close up of a vegan option pizza at Brixx Pizza.

friends eating at a pizza place.

New Gluten-free cauliflower crust available at select Brixx Pizza locations.

It is the highest compliment when a client trusts us in our craft. The Brixx team let us be creative and pitch them some wild ideas before landing on this finished product. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such good people and hope to do it again in the future!

Carolina Hurricanes Use Clean Graffiti to Spread Awareness

Carolina Hurricanes Use Clean Graffiti to Spread Awareness

Reverse Graffiti for the Carolina Hurricanes was put down in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte to kick off the NHL season

Our Clean Graffiti work has allowed us to work with some amazing clients. From healthcare leaders to nonprofit organizations, our clients run the gamut. However, anytime that we get the chance to work with a professional sports teams, we do a little dance.

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The Carolina Hurricanes are a professional hockey team here in North Carolina. Their games are a ton of fun to watch. When they approached us to create a Clean Graffiti campaign for their 2018/2019 NHL Season, we knew that it would create a buzz.

We took their key phrase “Take Warning” along with their icon and made a specialized stencil that we then pressure washed onto the sidewalk. This creative message is not only eye-catching and unexpected, but it is eco-friendly. IT’S. JUST. WATER.

two pairs of feet standing over a message that has been cleaned onto the sidewalk that reads "Take Warning. 10-4-18" with the Carolina Hurricanes icon.

Clean Graffiti for Carolina Hurricanes for the 2018/2019 season.

reverse graffiti for carolina hurricanes

Reverse Graffiti for NHL ‘s Hurricanes in Raleigh, NC.

Clean graffiti for the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes

Take Warning – The Carolina Hurricanes use Clean Graffiti to spread awareness about the season.

There is still time to catch a game or two this season. Check out the full Hurricanes schedule here.

NCDOT’s Booze It & Lose It Statewide Clean Graffiti Campaign

NCDOT’s Booze It & Lose It Statewide Clean Graffiti Campaign

Reverse Graffiti Campaign Touting Safety Message Installed for the NCDOT

For the second time, #thesavageway was hired to bring awareness to the Booze It & Lose It campaign sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) / Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “Recognized as one of the nation’s most effective anti-drunk-driving campaigns, Booze It & Lose It has created increased awareness of the dangers and the consequences of drinking and driving through innovative education campaigns and extensive enforcement of impaired-driving laws.”

You can read more about the BILI initiative here.

Our role was to utilize our Clean Graffiti medium to provide reminders on the sidewalk that drinking and driving is not okay. The stencil read “Don’t Drink & Drive.” We targeted highly popular bars, restaurants, liquor stores and gas stations that sell alcohol. Our campaign took us to 9 cities across North Carolina including Greenville, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Robeson County (Pembroke & Lumberton), Charlotte, and Asheville.

three images of reverse graffiti on sidewalks all showcasing the message, "Don't Drink & Drive."

Clean Graffiti for the Booze It and Lose It campaign helping to curb drunk driving.

Clean Graffiti images are places around popular bars, restaurants and walking paths to remind passersby to be safe.

Statewide creative outdoor messaging for the North Carolina Department of Transportation by #thesavageway

Creative marketing on the sidewalks for the message to not drink and drive.

Booze It & Lose It Clean Graffiti campaign for the NCDOT.

Clean Graffiti is a great marketing tactic for a campaign like this because you are able to directly target your audience where they are walking – the sidewalk. It is another reminder to be safe and call a cab, Uber, take the bus or phone a sober friend to pick you up. This is a tactic amongst a robust marketing mix including radio, billboards, press, social media, flyers, posters, etc. Clean Graffiti is another “touch” point so that the brand message sticks in the brains of consumers in our overly-distracted society.

This “Public Communication” style of campaign is one of the ways that we love using our Clean Graffiti medium. It is for the good of the community. It can communicate to neighborhoods that may not have a large outdoor advertising option (aka no billboards, or bus ads to act as the reminder). It is eco-friendly (remember, it is just water!), and its creative and new so that it draws the attention of the consumer.

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We look forward to spreading this message and safety messages like this to more places across the state and beyond.